Guide to Wearing Red Lipstick

Browse Guide to Wearing Red Lipstick for smooth and flawless red lips with Avon Campaign 1 2021. The color of the season is red, one of the unchanging classics of cult makeup looks. This color can take on different characters with different applications and combinations. It can be your first choice for an assertive, striking, and self-evident beauty portrait. However, red lipsticks are more prone to reveal application errors due to their bright color and darkness.

Red lipsticks, especially if they have a matte finish, show off-dry, chapped, flaked lips. Therefore, well-groomed lips are the most basic point of applying these tones. If you suffer from dead skin on your lips, start your routine with a scrub.


Your care phase after the scrub is moisturizing. At this point, a classic lip balm will do the trick. If you have more time to start makeup or your lips are giving SOS, you can apply a care mask. But if you have minutes to apply lipstick, choose easily absorbed balms that do not leave an excessively oily result.

Lip Pencil

One of the indispensable allies of red lipsticks is lip pencils. Depending on your preference, color by color with your lipstick or set your lip frame with a one-tone dark liner. At this stage, you can make your lips look fuller by applying the line from the outside with a click. You can get a more permanent and more intense result by filling your lips with a pencil. For a good lip pencil, you should take a look at Avon Catalog 1 2021 in detail!

If lip pencils are not for you and you think that they make your makeup look heavy, it is a good idea to get a liner with a transparent formula. Especially if you have wrinkles around the lips or if you prefer lipsticks with a brighter finish, this product prevents the lipstick from flowing and filling the lines. Good liners can be browsable on Avon C1 2021. Browse it and get the best at low prices!

More Lasting

The biggest handicap of red lipsticks is that they show themselves immediately when they come out or fall apart. In other words, these shades do not recognize you as much as nude lipsticks. For a more lasting lipstick, add a thin layer of transparent powder between two coats. If you are using a liquid matte lipstick, pay attention to your lip make-up that comes out piece by piece during the day.

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