Halloween Makeup Tips

Halloween is approaching so we shared Halloween makeup tips with Avon Campaign 23 2020. If you are invited to a party, you don’t want to go as yourself. We have prepared Halloween make-up for you that you can easily do with the materials you have at hand. Do not forget to read the rest of the article.


We can’t think of a better option to celebrate Halloween than to be a witch. You can easily turn into a witch with black eyeliner and red lipstick. All you need is a witch hat. You can start your makeup by applying a base on your skin. Then, apply your light-colored foundation from last winter to your entire face, including your neck. You can go over it with a light powder to look paler. You can draw a thick and long-tailed eyeliner and complete your eye makeup with a mascara that makes your eyelashes look long and voluminous. When you put the finishing touch on red lipstick and put on your costume, you are ready for the party.


When becoming a vampire, the most important thing is your teeth. When you get a fake vampire tooth, your job will be easy. In addition, if you get a cape, you will create a wonderful character. For vampire makeup, your skin must be white and smooth like a stone. For this reason, we recommend that you use your lightest color and most concealing foundation. If you have baby powder on hand, complete your makeup with baby powder. You will not believe how your skin color lightens.

We recommend a slightly smoky and intense makeup on the eyes. After applying your eye base, switch a dark burgundy shadow to your fold area. After highlighting, fill your entire eyelid with black cream eyeshadow and blend it with burgundy eyeshadow with a blending brush. When you apply the powder black shadow on your entire eyelid, you will have an extremely misty and dark eye makeup.

Spider and Pumpkin

If you do not want to be a character and your only goal is to reflect the Halloween spirit in your make-up, you can make a make-up by using only colors. After preparing your skin for makeup, apply your base and foundation. Before starting eye makeup, we recommend using an eye base. Then apply a melon shadow on your entire eyelid. Do not forget to distribute and blend the fold area well. The color should be more intense towards the bottom of the eyelashes to achieve a slightly misty appearance.

Do not be afraid to apply headlights over and over. In the same way, you need a successful mascara that makes your eyelashes look like a spider after applying this eyelash on your lower lashes. After pulling a light-tailed eyeliner, you can complete your make-up by drawing eight-legged spiders with thin-tipped eyeliner on your lower eyelashes.

Mother Nature

Instead of always creepy and creepy make-up, this time we opted for a little more cute but still fantastic makeup. First of all, you will need all the green, blue, pink colored headlights at your disposal. In fact, if you have colorful lipsticks and cannot use them in daily life, you may have created a great opportunity for yourself. Make up your eyes with green headlights at hand.

Using your pink eyeshadows like a bronzer, you can distribute them over your cheekbones towards your temples. When you put a green or blue lipstick on your lips, your make-up will be ready. You can complete your make-up with a crown that you prepared from flowers or ivy leaves.

In this article, you will see Halloween Makeup tips with Avon Brochure 23 2020! For more Avon Products, deals, or tips, you should visit the main page. Also, follow us on Youtube and be the first who views the latest Avon Catalog in the USA!