How Should You Clean Your Makeup Brushes?

How about putting your make-up drawer in the scope of hygiene during your time at home? As a precaution against the COVID-19 pandemic, we wanted to share this article for you these days when we stay at home. Your makeup applicators maybe your innocent-looking enemy. Who knows, these helpers who tend to accumulate bacteria on them are perhaps the source of acne that suddenly appears on your face. For a more hygienic makeup routine and a more efficient application, you should disinfect your makeup brushes at least once a week according to the frequency of use. We researched the tricks of brush cleaning for you. Also, you can check out the cleansing products of Avon from Avon Campaign 9 2020!

How is it washed?

When washing your brush, take care of your hair as it is. The sensitive and especially handmade brushes require extra attention. To do this, start with a shampoo formulated to wash brushes. If you do not have a brush shampoo, you can also use natural hair shampoos without heavy chemicals. If you have a very dirty brush where dense products such as foundation accumulate, you can get help from a dishwashing detergent as long as it contains natural ingredients.

How to Purify

At the root of the bristles is the adhesive that fixes them. Therefore, you should be careful not to get any cleaner and water to this part. Dip the tip of the brush into the water and shampoo solution that you mix in a glass. Apply the applicator in a circular motion on the palm of your hand or on the brush cleaning mat, if any. This step will easily remove makeup residue that accumulates between the bristles.

How to Dry?

Show the same sensitivity when rinsing your brush. Rinse the brush thoroughly, taking care not to get water to the roots. You can continue the circular application for faster and more effective cleaning. After rinsing the brush, remove excess water with a disposable tissue paper. At this stage, it is best to dry the applicator upside down. If you have a brush strap, you’re in luck! If not, order your brushes horizontally. After drying, you can use brush protective nets to restore their shape and keep their forms from touching.

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