How To Care for Skin While Using Masks

In this article, you can discover some useful tricks about how to care for skin while using masks with Avon Campaign! Using a long-term mask adversely affects the skin. So how should skincare be done while using a mask? Coronavirus infection continues to be effective all over the world and this situation seems to remain on our agenda for a long time.

In this process, the use of masks has become a part of daily life. As a result, there was an increase in various skin complaints related to the use of masks. So what to do?

What are the negative effects of the mask on the skin?

After long-term use of masks, irritation-related rashes and eczema can be seen in people with sensitive skin at the places where the mask touches. Irritation caused by friction and sweating in the area under the mask can cause clogging of pores and changes in the skin flora and may aggravate some diseases such as acne. In addition, the wet and moistened mask will be a suitable environment for the proliferation of infectious agents. Therefore, if wetness or moisture is noticed in the mask, it should be changed immediately.

Surgical masks we commonly use cannot be washed and reused. When the mask is on the face, it should not be handled frequently. And should be disposed of properly after removal. Cloth masks, on the other hand, can be reused after being washed and dried.

Against skin problems caused by the use of masks;

We can reduce or eliminate skin problems caused by the use of masks by taking various measures. First of all, after removing the mask, we should wash and moisturize our face with a gentle cleanser. Similarly, before wearing a mask, it would be appropriate to gently cleanse and use a moisturizer that is oil-free and moisturizing for a long time. After applying the moisturizer, it is necessary to wait for it to be absorbed for a while. Moisturizers are helpful in preventing irritations.

It will be useful to remove the mask from time to time, cool the face with thermal spray or water. And use a thin moisturizer. In addition to all these, it should not be forgotten to apply sunscreen to places other than masks in open areas.

Small wounds may develop due to the use of masks for long hours, especially in high-risk occupational groups. In such cases, if possible, the use of masks should be suspended, if not possible, the areas where the mask is pressed should be covered with gauze, protective dressings or silicone coverings. In mild cases, applying barrier creams to the compression areas may also be beneficial.

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