How to Choose a Winter Fragrance?

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AVON Fragrances

Perfume is an all-season fragrance composition. Perfume choices should be chosen according to personal preferences, seasons and of course skin. In these days when we live in the winter months, when the air temperature is low, woody or spicy scents are generally preferred as winter perfumes in terms of permanence. It is possible to find the many good products on Avon Catalog 21 2021! Browse it and choose a winter fragrance with AVON!

It is the most important issue that the skin is clean during the perfume selection, so that the scent sprayed on the skin should be waited for a while while choosing a perfume, and then the decision should be made. This means that; skin type is a point to be considered in choosing the right perfume.

Fragrance Intensities

Intensities in perfume appear in different ways at different times. This is due to the intensity and volatility of the fragrance. The first intensity is the smell that is taken when the perfume is first sprayed. This first moment may last a few minutes, then the second intensity begins; here is the part of how many hours the effect of the smell can last. And the last step is to meet the fully settled state of the perfume.

The Most Popular Fragrances from C21 Avon 2021;

  • Ginza Stefany Always Beside You Eau de Parfum, $52
  • belif Eau De Parfum – The Woods, $55
  • Rare Pearls Intense Eau de Parfum, $30
  • Topaze Cologne, $18
  • LYRD Rose du Soleil Eau de Parfum, $36
  • Studio 1886 Techtopian Eau de Parfum, $50
  • belif Eau De Parfum – The Garden, $55
  • Far Away Infinity Eau de Parfum, $25
  • Haiku Eau de Parfum, $25
  • Live Out Loud Eau de Parfum, $40
  • Velvet Eau de Parfum, $30
  • Today Eau de Parfum, $30
  • Avon Prima Eau de Parfum, $30

As for the perfumes preferred in winter; Winter perfume is chosen because cold weather causes perfume scents to evaporate quickly, and much heavier, dominant scents are preferred instead of soft scents used in summer. Winter perfumes contain amber, cinnamon, musk, woody or spicy. Among them, the ones that are suitable for the skin are preferred. Such odors are always much more intense.

Winter Fragrance Usage Areas

Perfumes day or night; varies depending on options such as places to go. Heavy odors are not preferred in daily life. Assertive and intense scents should be used for night outings and special occasions. The right place and the right time are very important. It is effective in focusing the perfume on the clothes worn during the winter months.

Perfumes are divided into types among themselves; Floral scents, one of them, consist of scents such as rose, jasmine, lavender. These fragrances are especially suitable for daily use. Floral fragrances are the only choice for spring and summer seasons, especially because of their lightness. You can find many types of frangraces on Avon C21 2021! Here u go!

AVON Winter Fragrances 2021

However, when winter enters, this situation begins to move towards the spice scents called winter perfumes. Fruity scents; It is much more attractive and impressive. Such scents are generally very popular among young people and their effect is permanent even in cold weather. Woody scents are perfumes that are suitable for the winter season. The content consists of natural scents such as sandalwood and cedar wood. Oriental scents are the strongest types of perfumes. It’s seductive. So check out AVON Catalog Campaign 21 2021 and discover the best selections!

The scent perceived while choosing a perfume should first make the person happy. Perfume is felt, lived with perfume, perfume is like music, it means getting lost among the notes. We recommend our readers, who are in search of winter perfumes, to try Avon Products, one of the most popular winter perfumes.

So here are some special tips to choose a winter fragrance with Avon Brochure 21 2021! If you want to see more discounts, products, and deals, visit the home page. Also, you can check out the category page and see the latest Avon Catalog in the US!

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