How to Choose Quality Blush Brushes?

Discover how to choose quality blush brushes with Avon Campaign 23 2020! Choosing the right brush is important to apply blushes used to reveal cheekbones. What should be considered when choosing blush brushes? Blushes, which are indispensable for make-up, enable women to stand out and have a bright face. It is also very important to choose blush brushes that you can easily perform applications such as shading and using equally.

Blush Brush Cleaning

Good blush brushes are medium-hard brushes. Brushes’ life span varies between 3-5 years if used clean. You should clean it once a week with warm water and soap or make-up cleansing milks.

How should a blush brush be chosen?

Angled Brushes

It is the right brush type for shading. Thanks to the angle at the tip of the brush, you can make a comfortable and clear application.

Flat Brushes

It ensures that the blush is applied quickly and an insufficient amount to your cheeks. It is more bristly than other brush types. Thanks to this feature, the brush collects excess blush. You must blow before applying.

Domed Brushes

They are round-shaped brushes. This brush ensures that your blush is evenly distributed.

White-tipped Brushes

Longer than other bristles. Therefore, it allows the blush to be applied lightly. For cream or liquid blushes, you should try this brush.

Wide Brushes

You should use these blush brushes, which are practical and for daily use. It allows you to apply and spread the blush more comfortably.

Brushes from Avon Catalog 23 2020;

  • Avon Pro Powder Brush, $11.59
  • Avon Pro Foundation Brush, $10.49
  • Pro Flawless Makeup Applicator, $4.29
  • Avon Pro Brow Brush, $5.59
  • Avon Pro Blush Brush, $9.99
  • Pro Eye Shadow Brush, $7.59

Here are how to choose quality blush brushes with Avon Brochure 23 2020! There are many essentials for makeup on Avon C23 2020. Also, it is possible to reach many useful skincare, fragrance, and personal care products here. If you want to see more Avon Products, deals, and tips, check out the main page. Also, you can follow us on Youtube and be the first who views the latest Avon Catalog in the USA.

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