How to Clean AVON Makeup Brushes?

Discover how to clean Avon makeup brushes and good products from Avon Campaign 16 2021 with this article! The quality of the make-up brush is as important as the make-up material you use. In particular, the right brush or sponge is one of the basic elements of a correct make-up, which will allow your foundation to sit on your skin homogeneously, distribute your eyeshadow as you want.

Also that help your illuminator and bronzer not be sharp on your cheek area. Of course, cleaning after make-up is as important as using these brushes for the health of your skin.

Dirty makeup brushes can cause acne

Brushes can be excellent breeding grounds for bacteria, and if you don’t wash your brushes often enough, the same bacteria can cause acne. Even if your face is clean, the dirt and bacteria accumulated on the brush will spread to your face. These dirt and bacteria, together with the make-up products, fill the pores and close the pores, providing a suitable environment for acne to form.

May cause eye infections

It is very important to ensure that any brush you use around the eyes is as clean as possible. Eyes can become infected from dirty brushes or even dirty mascara brushes. If you need a new mascara, you should check out Avon Catalog 16 2021!

May cause your makeup not to be perfect

When the pieces of concealer left on the brush and dried out come together with your newly squeezed concealer, it can leave lumps of residue on your face. It is also very difficult to clean these residues combined with the foundation. If you pull it with your fingers, it may cause your make-up to deteriorate and the product to disappear from place to place.

Clean brush is long lasting

Just as you take good care of all your belongings and use them for many years, you need to take good care of your makeup brushes equally. You should clean your brushes with the same care as you separate each of your clothes and clean them using sensitive softeners and detergents and special products.

How often and how should you clean it?

In particular, you should wash your foundation and concealer brushes at least once a week, provided that you increase the frequency of use. Note that this can also apply if you never use it. If your brushes are exposed, the surrounding dust may also accumulate on the brushes. Make sure to clean your remaining brushes at least twice a month.

  • Wet the bristles of the brush with warm water.
  • Put a drop of liquid soap of your choice on your clean palm.
  • If you prefer solid soap, you can run your soap on the brushes, provided that it is reserved for this process only.
  • Gently massage the tips of the bristles.
  • Rinse the bristles thoroughly.
  • Remove excess moisture with a clean towel.
  • Let the brush dry by hanging it over the edge of the sink counter.

So here are some useful tips to how to Clean AVON Makeup Brushes with Avon Brochure 16 2021. For more tricks and products, visit the home page! Also, go to the category page and see the latest Avon Catalog in the US!