How to Contour Your Face

This article’s topic is about how to contour your face and Avon Campaign 8 2020! Every person has a different facial feature. With face contouring, this can highlight facial contours. Facial contouring is actually a special makeup technique. With this technique, you can bring your face to your ideal face type. You can reveal shadow and light games by using makeup products suitable for contouring the face.

Face Contouring Supplies

You can use stick foundation, blush, bronzer to make contours. Products used for contours must be matt. It is very important to use makeup in the face contouring, day or night. You should use dark colors on your face for night makeup and avoid dark colors for daytime makeup.

If you are going to make the contour of the face at night, it will be enough to apply two dark foundations. Or you can use specially made makeup products for contouring. If the products you use in the night make-up are creamy, they will give more effective results since they can better determine the color after the application.

In the face contours made daily, you can make natural contouring with two tones of dark powder. In addition, the illuminating products used will make your skin look healthier in the light of the day. Also, you should try Avon True Define And Sculpt Face Palette from Avon Brochure 8 2020!

Application steps of the contouring of the face

Before starting to makeup, the skin should be shaded with dark tones foundation.
Learn contouring techniques suitable for your face shape.
Underneath cheekbones, shade forehead and lower areas of the chin.
The areas to be revealed after shading should be illuminated with two light tone products.
Contrast differences on the face are removed by brush movements.

Here is how to contour your face and Avon Catalog 8 2020! If you want to see more Avon Products, deals or makeup tips, check out the main page! Also, follow us on Facebook!

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