How To Do Fresh Makeup with Avon Products

Who would have guessed that we would be wearing a mask for the summer of 2020? We spend the hottest days of summer with a mask. Wearing a mask is very important for the health of us and those around us. Another nice thing about wearing a mask is that we don’t need to do intense makeup. You can apply practical and fresh makeup in just minutes without spending a lot of time in the summer. You are in the right place for fresh makeup suggestions that are suitable for 2020 makeup trends with Avon Campaign 16 2020.

Avon VDL Primer Fresh

Brightening effective makeup is essential for fresh skin makeup. You should definitely use a base to fix your makeup, especially on the days you wear a mask. Avon VDL Primer Fresh is a good choice for this. You can check more details about it on page 14 of Avon Catalog 16 2020. Your skin will absorb this product instantly and will not leave a greasy feeling on the skin. This makeup base, which will give your skin a fresh glow, is the first step for your fresh makeup.


The key point of the fresh skin makeup is to use a thin, natural-matte finish foundation. You should choose a foundation that will make it look as if there is no makeup on your face and a perfect filter. Avon Ink Lasting Foundation Slim Fit creates just such an effect! This foundation provides medium coverage on the face before it fills the lines on your skin. It also hides the pore appearance and controls the shine of your skin. See this product on Avon C16 2020 in detail!

Eye Make-up

When wearing a mask, the eye will become the focal point of makeup. Therefore, you can not bypass eye makeup. For fresh and cool eye makeup, first, apply cream eyeshadow. To be resistant to summer temperatures, you should use cream headlights when you trust your permanence. Avon True Color Love At 1ST Lash Mascara literally creates a fan effect by separating the eyelashes one by one. You must try it!

Fix your makeup

You should definitely use a stabilizer spray to prevent your makeup from getting on the mask. Avon True Color Makeup Setting Spray fixes your makeup and creates a natural matte on your skin. Thus, the skin under the mask does not grease by lubricating the skin.

In the new normal period, you can change your makeup habits a little. Instead of spending a lot of time on skin makeup, you should go for more permanent makeup and try more prominent styles in eye makeup. If you want to see more products, deals, or Avon Brochure, you can visit the main page. Also, you can follow us on Twitter and Youtube!

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