How To Prevent Blue Light From Damaging Your Skin

Today’s topic is about how to prevent blue light from damaging your skin with products of Avon Campaign 13 2020! You may think that you do not need to use sunscreen every day during this period when many of us are on the screen all day long. But did you know that some of the ingredients in sunscreen creams also protect your skin from blue light? How can we minimize the negative effects of online meetings and the series we watch on our skin?

Dermatologists underline the importance of using sunscreen cream every day. But if you are not going out, you may think that you do not need to apply sunscreen on your skin. However, according to experts, the amount of blue light we receive when we stay in sunlight for 15 minutes is the same as the amount of light we receive when we stay under an LED light for 1 hour.

In addition to the UVA / UVB rays emitted by the sun, digital displays also emit HEV rays, which can cause redness, bloating, and tone inequality on your skin. Blue light emitted by the indispensable screens of the modern world, one of the most important factors of tone inequalities and crease formation in the skin, penetrates deeper from the harmful UV rays of the sun and leaves more permanent damage.

Sun Care from Avon Catalog 13 2020;

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  • Expedition™ SPF 30 Pump Spray, $15.00
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In addition to UVA / UVB rays, you can minimize damage to your skin with sunscreen creams formulated with protective ingredients such as Indian ginseng, which is a content that protects your skin against HEV rays with its anti-aging properties. With Indian ginseng, you can not only protect your skin from HEV rays emitted by blue screens but also enliven your skin and strengthen the protective barrier against external factors.

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