How to Sanitize Your Makeup

Today’s topic is about How to Sanitize Your Makeup with Avon Campaign 21 2020! The best thing you can do when it comes to cleaning is not just sharing your brushes. Disinfecting your makeup with alcohol. You can ruin your powder products especially if you are careless. So focus on brushes, sponges, and applicators as the main start. You don’t need to clean your brushes or sponges every day, but cleaning once a week is absolutely essential.

Disinfecting your makeup products is not the same as replenishing your old makeup products. If it has expired, you should definitely throw away that product. If you cannot understand its duration, you can tell by the smell of the product or the exfoliation of the mascara.

The easiest way to keep your makeup items clean is to wash your hands before using them and toss them out when their usage time is up. But if you want to take it a step further, disinfection is actually quite simple. All you need is 70% isopropyl alcohol and a spray bottle to put this in. You can find both at the pharmacy.


If you want to disinfect lipstick, you can do this by simply spraying isopropyl alcohol on your lipstick and then wiping it with a clean tissue. You can also apply this process for your foundation bottles. You can also use a cotton ball to wipe the pencil sharpener or eyelash curlers with alcohol, but be sure to wait 24 hours before re-use.

If you have doubts about mascara, you should throw the product away instead of cleaning it. Because the eye is a very sensitive area and such risks can cause damage.

Powder Products

Lightly spray the top layer of the product with alcohol and let it dry.

Liquid Products

There is only one way to keep liquid makeup products clean; not to dip your fingers in them! No matter how clean your hands are, you can disrupt the structure of the product and cause germs to disperse. Use applicators that are specific for this job.

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