Hy-Vee Meat Sale Weekly Ad Oct 2 – 8, 2019

Hy Vee Meat Sale Weekly Ad Oct 2 8 2019Read about how to choose meat and the deals from the latest Hy-Vee Ad today.

How to Choose Meat?

For a more intense taste, you should seek fat and meat in combination with the pattern of marbling fat. You should consider what you want to cook. Because each meal requires a different kind of meat from different animals. The structure of the meat should be firm for it has a considerable amount of fat in it. You should know that beef is different than lamb, pork, or other supermarket-type meat variety. It should be tenderized. That means one or two weeks. If you know about what the animal fed on, that also is significant information. For example, green grass means a better distribution of fat. Even the moral of the animal has an impact on your meat. Shop Hy-Vee Meat Sale on pg 4-8 of the weekly ad this week.

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