Hyvee Weekly Ad Hot Deals Mar 18 – 24, 2020

Hyvee Weekly Ad Hot Deals Mar 18 - 24, 2020Buy your favorite products at Hyvee for the prices from this weekly ad. New hot deals are available for browsing in it. You can shop snack madness and get a lot of fuel saver products this week. For example, buy Huggies Pull-ups or good nites to earn a $.30 off per gallon. Hyvee Weekly ad hot deals are always full of fuel savers. Yoghurt, party size snacks, and pizza! Hy-Vee Ad also has low-price lockdown deals on products like Totino’s pizza rolls, Florida’s Natural juice, Pillsbury frosting. That deal means the price never changes unless it’s going down. Visit pg 3 for some of those low-price lockdown products including Huggies wipes. The price of Hy-Vee water coolers, refreshers will be 10/$7 and that’s also a $.10 fuel saver.

Snack and fuel savers:

Low-price lockdown:

Hyvee Weekly Ad Hot Deals Mar 18 – 24 Fresh Produce

Lately, people don’t go eat outside, or even if they prefer, most places are not open. In most countries, they closed the restaurants. So, while self-isolating, it might be a good chance to learn some recipes. Spend a few hours learning a great recipe and be happy for the rest of your life. For example, Italian stew which is made of lamb shoulder meat or leg meat. That requires a lot of vegetables and some olive oil which are both available in the Hyvee Ad.

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