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Create an ibotta account to save with ibotta deals and receive $20 cashback as soon as you create the account. This is a signup bonus and inside the ibotta app, you have a world of wonders with a lot of cashback deals.  The app also offers rebate deals. They update the offers regularly and the deals may be valid in multiple stores such as Albertsons, Kroger, Costco, Walmart, Walgreens, and many more. Download the app here.

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Each purchase will give you cashback with this app. ibotta claims that it’s even better than coupons. As you go on with your shopping in your favorite store using the ibotta app, you’ll also be earning with your purchases. The casback rewards can be used later. Just like money. The best thing is that this app works in over 500,000 locations. It certainly works with the most popular retailers like Walmart.

ibotta offers are additional. Any other discounts will be added to the offer by the app. On weeklyads2.com, you can see rebates and deals and we may earn a commission from these affiliated links.

ibotta is not the only cashback app out there. But it’s certainly one of the most popular ones.

As of August 2020, ibotta offers $5 reward when you redeem your first offer. Get your cashback!

You can also pay with ibotta. Learn about how.

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Get Double Cashback with iBotta at Firstleaf – FlashCash

If you are interested in wine and like wine clubs, this deal might come in handy. This is not your traditional French wine club. They work with calculations. Far from being a classic wine club, they offer the results coming from an algorithm that can analyze large groups of wines. Personalized selections, solutions for businesses, and save with iBotta. Today, you can get double cashback with iBotta at Firstleaf. Click on the image to get iBotta. Receive more iBotta deals and other Cashback services with your free subscription to our newsletter service.

Get Double Cashback with iBotta at Firstleaf - FlashCash

iBotta Freebie Deal; Get 2.25 on KIND Nut Butter Bar

You can get a free KIND nut butter bar. It’ll be free after the cashback you receive. Sign up today and earn $2.25. The price of the bar is equal to that. iBotta app is a better way to save than the coupons or perhaps even the weekly ads. You don’t have to worry about most things. You just shop the way you do normally, and each item purchase will give you a certain amount of cashback. It’s an app just like any other cashback apps. There are also competitors of the app. But it’s one of the most popular ones. Don’t miss out on this iBotta Freebie deal on KIND Nut butter bar today. More iBotta deals can be sent to you when you subscribe to the newsletter.

iBotta Freebie Deal; Get 2.25 on KIND Nut Butter Bar


iBotta Thrive Market 24-Hour Flash Cashback

In 24-hour, you can get double cashback at Thrive Market. It’s a healthy living market. Mostly organic products, non-GMO brands. If you are on a diet, or like organic products, this is the place you would probably shop. Download iBotta and receive 50% cashback for just 24 hours. Receive more iBotta deals following our page. Go to Thrive Market website.  Download iBotta  iBotta Thrive Market 24-Hour Flash Cashback deal:


iBotta Purple Carrot Cashback 24-Hour Deal

Get a flash $50 cash back at Purple Carrot, which is a plant-based meal delivery service, with your iBotta app. This is only valid for 24-hour. Download the app today and start saving with the cashback deals. Purple Carrot is a great service for those who want to lose some weight and burn some fat. Or if you just simply want to be healthier, you can shift your diet balance towards vegetables and fruits. They have menus. Check them out