Instagram Makeup With Avon Campaign 1 2020!

Today’s topic is Instagram Makeup! Even though we cannot use it in daily life, there is a reality called Instagram makeup in our lives. Exaggerated eye make-up, layered layers, strobing, skin make-up with baking technique, dark lips and sometimes even make-up that I see all together are often seen on the Discover page. If you are interested in this topic, let’s read this article! You will also see some product recommendations from Avon Campaign 1 2020!

Let’s Start Eye Makeup!

Since it will be a dark and somewhat complex eye makeup, first start your makeup from the eyes. So you can make my skin makeup look smoother and smoother. Before starting eye makeup, apply Avon Primer to prepare my eyelids for makeup.

It’s time for Avon True Color Eyeshadow Quad, featuring dark colors and the most trendy shades of the season! Start your makeup by shading the eyelids. To do this, apply brown on the palette with a mixing brush to the folding area of the eyelids in round motions. Then apply dark crimson to the end of my eyelids with a flat brush.

Always opt for a more vibrant and energetic look with bright tones on the eye springs. Therefore, to brighten the eye fountain a little more light color palette on the palette with the help of fingertips and apply to my eye springs.

Let’s take a tailed Eyeliner, a must-have for Instagram makeup! You can choose Avon Eyeliner for this step. Apply the eyeliner slowly starting from the tail, without pulling on my eyelids.

Then make your lashes clearer with Avon True SuperShock Mascara to make your eyes more striking. This mascara is effective enough to create a false eyelash effect.

A must-have for Instagram makeup is a smooth skin like porcelain. Avon True Power Stay 24H Foundation is the product that will give you smooth skin make-up in the most practical way. Apply the foundation evenly to your skin with your fingertips. My next step is to close my eyes. For this step, you can apply Avon Mark Nude Concealer from Avon Catalog 1 2020.

Apply Avon True Luminous Blush to the top of my cheekbones for a pink touch on the cheeks. In the last step, color your lips with Avon True Color Lip Gloss. Check this from Avon Brochure Janaury 2020. Follow us for more makeup tips and Avon Products on Facebook!

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