Jewel-Osco Ad .69 Sale May 17 – 23

This is not some sort of cheap joke from Jewel-Osco. It is actually awesome. Everything you buy will cost only $.69. Find products like Beefsteak Tomatoes, White Mushrooms, Navel Orange, Peppers, and many more products that are available in the new ad. Fresh products are a really big part of this ad. Lots of items that from the breakfast, pantry, and grocery categories will cost cheaper if you buy multiple amounts. Cheerios, Ritz, Oreos, Triscuits, Sargento, and more brands will be participating in the multiple-buy deals. Check out these in the new Jewel-Osco ad:

  • Cucumbers ea. Red,
  • Yellow or Orange Peppers ea
  • Signature Farms Spinach 8 oz.
  • Cilantro ea.
  • Jalapeno Peppers lb.
  • Jack Fruit lb.
  • Garlic ea
  • California Navel Oranges lb.
  • Signature Farms Baby-Cut Carrots 1 lb. Bag

Jewel-Osco Ad .69 Sale May 17 - 23

Are participating in the Jewel-Osco Ad .69 Sale May 17 – 23 2023. Don’t forget to browse meat deals. Some of the great deals from the latest ad is a group of seafood products. Save on them using BOGO deals. Mama Bear Salmon burgers, Waterfront Bistro 61-70 ct. cooked shrimp, snow crab clusters, and more products are available in the seafood section.

  • Jewel Large Eggs Dozen,
  • Kemps Milk 16 oz.
  • debi lilly Single Stem Rose ea.
  • VO5 Shampoo or Conditioner 15 oz.
  • Signature Care Hand Soap 7.5 oz.
  • Gerber Baby Food Jar 4 oz.
  • Honey Stinger Waffle 1.06 oz.
  • Chobani Greek, Less Sugar 5.3 oz.

Will cost only $.99 each. Explore all these and more products in the Jewel-Osco Ad .69 Sale May 17 – 23.