Korean Makeup Look for Beginners

In this article, you will see special tricks to Korean Makeup look for beginners with Avon Campaign 21 2021! When you read it, you will see many useful information and good product recommendations from the latest Avon Brochure! Try them!

This fashion has just begun in the world. No matter what kind of outfit is used, this doll makeover is everywhere. Makeup requires some ingredients. For example, you will need lots of white and black eyeliners. Let’s read this article and discover the best tips and special Avon Products!

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Women have always wanted to look younger and more beautiful, we can say that Korean women do these best. Contact lenses should be worn before make-up. Once the lashes grow, it’s up to you. If the shape of your eyes is downward, drawing a pencil under your eyes will make your eyes smaller. If you are looking for a good eye liner, you should view Avon Catalog Campaign 21 2021!

You can try it yourself or consult a makeup expert for best results. Koreans take the eye of cartoon characters as an example, while cartoon characters are Japanese cartoons. The colored eyes of comics may seem a little strange in daily use, but you can find examples that you can try black.

Here are the steps;

  • You should use a very light or even white colored foundation for your skin. It is possible to find the best foundations on Avon C21 2021! See their product range and get the best for your skin type!
  • You can do very light contouring to make your face look smaller.
  • To make your cheeks look younger, you should use pink and peach-toned blushes.
  • In your eyes, you can enlarge your eyes by drawing a white pencil under your eyes. On the top of your eyes, you should apply a flat eyeliner to make your eyes look slanted. Before applying mascara to your lashes, you can make your eyes look more slanted by wearing a nice false lashes. Then you should apply your mascara. There are many good mascaras on Avon Catalog 21 2021. Moreover, most of them are on discount now! Browse them!
  • Your eyebrows are also important. Most Korean women’s eyebrows are straight, not curved. If your eyebrows are curved, you should first straighten them and then paint them in your own color with an eyebrow pencil. So you can complete your Korean makeup.
  • You now have all the necessary tips for a beautiful Korean woman’s make-up. After that, it can be developed according to your talent and imagination. Or you can skip steps that are not for you. You can play with make-up according to yourself, this will make you even more unique. Korean women prepare their skin very well before applying make-up, they do not forget to clean it well and apply their moisturizing creams, and their make-up looks flawless in this way.

    Here are some tips to Korean makeup look for beginners with Avon Brochure 21 2021! You can check out more tips, deals, and Avon Products on the home page. And, you can click the category page and see the latest Avon Catalog in the US!

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