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Kroger Weekly Ad Oct 17 – 23, 2018, is currently viewable. Browse the ad, read reviews and posts about deals.

Are you trying to reduce the costs of weekly shopping? This is the page where you can find a valid Kroger Ad, which contains useful information to help you about that issue of yours. The store is one of the widest supermarket chains in the country. It’s a Cincinnati, Ohio based retailer. Very long backed history of Kroger is a sign of the experience, guarantee of satisfaction with a wide range of products that are always available in-store or online through the weekly ads. Kroger’s other stores, which we also write about, are Ralphs and Fry’s. Since they are aiming to serve at various locations in the U.S. They also own several different supermarkets across the whole country. According to many authorities, this store is the 3rd largest retailer in the world.

The weekly ads of the supermarket generally provides detailed information of grocery, fresh produce, meat, snacks, beverage, breakfast food, floral, pharmacy, pet products, personal care, household, deli, bakery, organic food, health&beauty outdoor, services and more featuring savings, deals and similar kind of profits for customers. Their ads may feature several type of deals. They also accept different kinds of coupons. So coupon match-ups are a possible way to save via Kroger Ad or online deals. Another important thing is of course Kroger Card. That’s necessary to benefit savings.

What Type of Deals Kroger Ads Contain In General? 

This might depend on the time you are reading a weekly ad, since occasional sales like Black Friday, Easter, Christmas. However, a generalization of some deals and naming them is possible since we frequently observe them. It can also be useful for customers in the name of simplicity.

10/$10 Sales 

“10 for $10” is one of the most popular and spoken discount kind of this store. This deal comes with weekly ads usually. To get this price, you even don’t have to get 10 items. If you have a Kroger Card, you can purchase that item for $1 each.

Buy X Save $X 

Probably the most popular and frequently featured type of deals in each weekly ad. These are sometimes called “Savings Event”. I just formulated them and create that header according to its working system. When you come across with a “Buy 6 Save $3” sale, you must understand that it means “when you buy 6 participating items”.


Kroger accepts various types of coupons. Check out their official site to see updated information. This policy can change. They don’t usually

Learn How To Do Coupon Matchups and save more. 

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Kroger Weekly Ad Grocery Oct 17 – 23, 2018

Fresh produce, mix and match sale, favorites from grocery sale, and Halloween can be seen in the new Kroger Weekly Ad. See the deals on Halloween costumes, treat buckets, candles, decoration, and accessories on the last page. A list of products from different categories including beverage, breakfast, packaged food is available on pg 8. That page can help you discover a good deal on Gatorade or G2. Pay only $5.99 for the popular sports drink. Barilla Pasta is 10 for $10 this week. The same deal applies Kroger biscuits, cinnamon or crescent rolls, too. Buy 10 Kroger Home sense facial tissue for $10. Butterfly shrimp, Hillshire small plates are also on sale. Mix and match sale is a Buy 5, Save $5 deal! You can buy V8, Outshine fruit bars and Jimmy Dean breakfast sandwiches at $1 lower prices.

Fresh produce is also a major category. Find 25% off meat and seafood deal there. 2lb. strawberries is only $3.99! Simple Truth organic food is on sale. Find pears, broth, cage-free brown eggs, broccoli and much more. Simple Truth natural boneless chicken breast sill cost only $4.99! Save 50% on Halloween treats when you download the digital coupon.

Buy 5 save $5:

Kroger Ad Halloween Sale Oct 10 – 16, 2018

Decorate your home to celebrate Halloween. Don’t miss out the deals by Kroger Ad on the last page. Holiday Home Halloween luminaries and more like-class products related to Halloween are available. Find treats, too. Candies and cookware are always a part of Halloween sale in all Kroger Weekly Ads that are published in Halloween times of the year. Check out these deals :

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Kroger Weekly Ad Deals Oct 10 – 16, 2018

Featured items from the Buy 5 Save $5 mix and match sale, are Quaker Chewy Granola bars, Birds Eye frozen vegetables, General Mills cereal, Kroger cheese on the cover page. Pepsi or Sun Drop will cost $10 at Kroger for its 3 packs. Starbucks Coffee is one of the best commercial products from the market. It’s only $5.99 at Kroger Stores. Kroger eggs will cost $.88. That’s a Grade A large egg. Clif, Luna or Mojo Bar are also popular products and the price is $.88 when you buy 8. Fresh private selection angus ground sirloin, Extra Large EZ Peel shrimp and more. Fresh Heritage Farm boneless chicken breasts or thighs will be $1.79! Buy strawberries for only $2.98 at Kroger stores. Nathan’s Beef Franks, Nabisco chips ahoy cookies and more snacks are available on pg 2.

I think Kroger made a great job offering classic food products other than the mix and match sale. Entenmann’s donuts, cakes or little bites, Kroger bread, Duncan Hines decadent, Pillsbury crescent or sweet rolls, Mars, Nestlé fun size or Hershey’s snacks, Hillshire farm smoked sausage are among the products. Two of them are BOGO Free deals.

Buy 5, Save $5 Mix and Match Sale:

That sale covers more than foods. Find Tide, Huggies, Energizer, Bounty, Charmin and other household products there. Organic choices of apple cider vinegar, honeycrisp apples, organic milk and pears are in the fresh produce section on pg 6. T-Bone steaks will cost $7.99! Buy 2 pumpkins for $8. 12 oz. raspberries are $3.99 and more fresh products are on sale at Kroger supermarket. Halloween sale in on the last page.

Kroger Weekly Ad Deals Oct 3 – 9, 2018 | Grocery Lower Prices

Make a great meal for today’s dinner. Find seafood, meat, vegetables, and all other fresh produce or grocery products in Kroger Ad. Fresh Atlantic salmon fillets, whole fryer, seedless mandarins and more will cost less than regular at Kroger. See the first page of Kroger Weekly Ad Oct 3 – 9 for good products like Angus boneless whole beef tenderloin. Fresh Kroger ground beef will be only $1.99/lb! Save 25% with a coupon deal.
Kroger has lower prices of everything related to the weekly shopping. Profitable savings like BOGO Free deal on Entenmann’s little bites or donuts are featured on pg 2. You have Starbucks coffee, Kroger cheese, Keebler cookies, DiGiorno pizza and Powerade on sale. Buy double of coffee-mate creamer and Oscar Mayer uploaded Lunchables to get discounts. You have also 20% discount on Halloween products.

Most people prefer organic food over standard ones due to health concerns nowadays. Kroger has a Simple Truth range on pg 4 and the deals on fresh produce, meat and seafood on pg 5.

Halloween sale is on the final page of the ad. You can see Halloween decor products, foam pumpkins, skeletons, light decor, M&M’s Halloween candy and cookpots at fair prices. 20% discount on many of them.

Kroger Ad Fresh Products Sep 26 – Oct 2, 2018

Earn fuel points with your purchases on groceries, prescriptions and gift cards. You may find a wide product range of fresh products on pg 4. Natural and organic choices of organic peppers, natural cornish hens, and chicken breasts. and more in fresh produce. Seafood and meat are also in this range. Check out the list of products until the new Kroger Ad Preview is published tomorrow. We expect quite a nice sale from the Kroger store and weekly ads are useful for finding good prices. Subscribe to this page with your email.