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  • Kroger Weekly Ad Jan 18 – 24 2017 was released.
  • Latest Kroger Ad December 14 – 24 2016 is available.
  • Browse new Kroger Ad Dec 7 – 13 2016 .Read reviews about Kroger Weekly ad !
  • Holiday deals and Buy 4 Save $4 top deals of Kroger Ad Dec 7 – 13

Learn How To Do Coupon Matchups and save more. 

In general this week fresh savings, seasonal low prices and digital coupons were high lighted. Tomorrow we’ll have the chance to browse a new Kroger ad but today you can shop for the products that are on sale. Their prices will expire tomorrow.

You can always browse the ads with one click on the cover page which is available on right. Kroger’s product range pretty much seems like this:


And more of course can be found. Always follow the overviews of latest Kroger Ad to grab best deals in-store or online.

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Kroger Weekly Ad Overview Jan 18 – 24 2017

Buy 6 Save $3 and Super Bowl favorites are two main categories of sales you can browse.Kroger Weekly Ad Overview Jan 18 - 24 2017 On cover page and pg 7, pg 10 which contains an extensive range of mix and match participating items are possible to see through this preview. This weekly ads is really competitive. If you go to pg 1-2 you will browse super bowl sales, Buy 6 Save $3 mix and match.

Marie Callender’s Dinners $1.79 ea
Campbell’s chunky soup $.99
General Mills cereal $1.79 ea
Doritos $1.79 ea
San Giorgio Pasta $.49

Also on cover page yellow marked products are great chance to save on fresh produce and chicken. See these deals on pg 1:

Perdue boneless chicken breasts $1.88 lb.
Blackberries $.99
La Croix 4/$10

Senior Rewards: Save 5% on Tuesday if you were born in 1954 or before. Snacks and chips are featured within the Game Day Greats. Moreover, meat, pizza are on sale.

Bone-In strip steaks $4.99 lb.
Ruffles, Fritos or Cheetos $1.77 lb.
Red Baron pizza – or singles $2.88

These are fan favorites but you may reach more of snacks and packaged food on pg 3. Organic food deals of Kroger’s brand Simple Truth covering fruit, yogurt, bread and seafood have been contained. Chicken, chips, pizza and many more products are available in pg 6.

Powerade or powerade zero $.69
Kroger chicken party wings $5.99
Farm Rich appetizers $4.99
Eckrich smoked sausage 2/$5
Garden of eatin’ tortilla chips 2/$6

Kraft or Sargento cheese 2/$5
Hass Avocados $.89
Pepsi or 7UP 10/$10
Tombstone Pizza 2/$6
Kroger peanuts $1.99

These are awesome products to have while watching your game. Don’t miss these prices !

Kroger Weekly Ad Overview Jan 11 – 17 2017

Kroger Weekly Ad Overview Jan 11 – 17 2017 has been released. Kroger Weekly Ad Overview Jan 11 - 17 2017This ad contains new 10/$10 mix and match sale. Get all the details of the new mix and match sale. Snacks like microwave popcorn, combos and beverage like 7UP, Kickstart, Rockstar energy and more. In the life’s daily flow you might need a lot of these stuff while watching TV and having fun with your guests. Fill your inventory with these quality stuff at dropped prices.

10/$10 Deals

Mountain Dew kickstart 12-16 fl oz. cans 10/$10 – Rockstar, 7UP, Frito-Lay
Kroger bread
Kroger microwave popcorn
Kroger pasta
Kroger frozen potatoes
Coke de mexico 10/$10
Dawn dish detergent 10/$10
Kind bar 10/$10

Are the products on mega savings event of Kroger. See pg 4 for the red deals. Snacks that would go with your favourite TV show and winter indoor food you love to consume everyday are on sale. Buy 3 Save $3 deal of Kroger Ad is also possible to see on pg 4. Simple Truth pharmacy products range can be seen on the latest page of this ad.

Ocean spray cranberry juice $1.49
Folgers coffee $6.99
Florida’s natural orange or grapefruit juice 2/$6
Private selection ice cream $3.99
Fritos or cheetos $1.77
Freschetta pizza $4.49
Kroger chicken $4.99
Kroger breakfast sausage $1.99

Kroger Ad Buy 5 Save $5 Deals 1/4 – 1/10 2017

Kroger goes on with the Buy 5 Save $5 deals with the new ad that you can easily browse in the preview page.Kroger Ad Buy 5 Save $5 Deals 1-4 - 1-10 2017 Kroger Ad Buy 5 Save $5 Deals 1/4 – 1/10 with the entire products list can be seen on pg 6 of the latest ad which you can accomplish to see via one click on the image of the pg 6 on the right.

Kroger’s current mix and match sale will give you a lot of opportunities to save on packaged food, snacks, household, and other products. You can match-up the coupons with these products and save even more. For example,

– Snack Factory pretzel crisps – $1 off coupon
– Kellogg’s cereal – redeem $.50/1 coupon

And more combinations can be created. Check out manufacturer’s and store coupons.

Kroger Ad Buy 5 Save $5 Deals

On pg 6 you can see all the particiating items.

Tyson Any’tizers or wings $5.99 ea
Pepsi or 7UP $1.99 ea
Sara Lee bread $1.49 ea
Bertolli pasta sauce $1.49

Simply potatoes $.99
Keebler town house or club crackers $1.99
Quom meatless entree $1.99 ea
Skinny cow, blue bunny or weight watchers novelties $2.99
Kroger String cheese $2.49

Quaker cap’n crunch or life cereal $1.49 ea
Frito-Lay party size snacks $2.99 ea
Fresh step cat litter $9.99
Charmin bathroom tissue $4.99 ea
Glad trash bags $6.99
Tide or Persil liquid laundry detergent $4.99 ea
Dawn dish detergent $1.99 ea
Swiffer refills $6.99 ea

Windex $1.99 ea
Dial Body wash $2.49
Old spice or secret deodorant $2.99 ea

Kroger Weekly Ad Overview January 4 – 10 2017

Kroger stores have always been the center of the all the things that are weekly needed. Kroger Weekly Ad Overview January 4 - 10 2017That contains food, beverage, breakfast food, organic choices, welness and pharmacy products. Today Kroger Weekly Ad January 4 – 10 2017 has been published. It’s time to save more with this ad. If you have an ad for the products you need to shop for this week it’s nearly certain that you will save.

Glance over the first page of the Kroger Ad. Yellow deals there, are some of the top deals from this ad. Moreover, welness products, as one of the rare items in regular Kroger ads, have been contained by the ad. Packaged food, pantry, some snacks are also available on this part.

Spotlight Deals Kroger Weekly Ad January 4 – 10

Check out the deals of the cover page. You can save a really significant amount of the money you spared to spend on shopping.

Perdue boneless chicken breasts $1.88 lb
Blackberries 4/$5
Lean Cuisine Entree – Stouffer’s entree $1.68
Dannon Greek yogurt $.88

Welness Products and Nutrition

One of the special deals of the week are welness products from Kroger. It’s possible to find some on pg 2-3.

Vicks NyQuil – DayQuil $7.99 pg 2
Halls cough drops 25-30ct. $1.59
Nature Made vitamins or supplements B1G1 Free
Body Fortress whey protein powder $17.99
Osteo Bi-flex vitamins or supplements B1G1 Free or lesser
Healthy Living hydration or lunch kits $7.99
Ensure or boost nutritional shakes $7.99
Centrum vitamins or supplements $9.99
Nicorette nicotine gum $39.99
Think thin bar 10/$10

Kroger creates new ways to protect your budget. Tier 1 Medicare Part D will reduce the cost of pharmacy expenses to the zero. Ask Kroger for more official information. Many European countries offer free pharmacy when you sign up for insurance.

On pg 2 red deals consisting of chips, soup etc. are in the list below.

Lay’s potato chips $1.99 – Kettle chips – Tostitos $1.99
Campbell’s soup 10/$10
Ocean Spray juice cocktails $1.49 ea
Kroger beans 5/$3
Stouffer’s party size entree $10.99
Freschetta pizza $4.99
Hot or Lean pockets 2 ct. $1.99

Meat and Fresh Produce

Classic sales of Kroger ads are focused on the roast, chicken breasts, whole chickens and sometimes they offer online orders. Last week they got platters for order-online service. This week a regular weekly sale is available at Kroger. Starting from tomorrow, you can shop for these prices.Welness Products and Nutrition kroger p2 4 - 01 jan 17

Simple Truth natural whole fryer or drumsticks $.99 lb.
St. Louis style ribs $1.99 lb.
Boneless shoulder roast $4.99 lb.
Fresh ground chuck $3.49 lb.

Simple Truth organic salads, bread, packaged chicken, organic broth and tortilla chips. They are the choice of people who want to live healthy. Simple Truth, as one of the private labelled food brand, is one of the best selling items in Kroger stores. As you know, Kroger manufactures 40% of its retail range. Once they were known as cheap and low quality items but they are reliable, trusted and well-known nation wide. People prefer them over national brands too.

Simple Truth organic salad 2/$6
Simple Truth nuts $6.99
Simple Truth lunch meat 2/$7
Simple Truth colossal roasted chicken $9.99
Simple Truth natural chicken breast $3.99 lb.

And Organic Simple Truth products on pg 5:

Organic tortilla chips 2/$4
Organic broth $1.99
Organic frozen fruit $2.99

Kroger Buy 5 Save $5 Mix and Match and Breakfast Food

Maybe the most favourite deal of the Kroger Ad this week. Select the quality 5 items from this range and it’ll eventually $5 cheaper than regular retail. Start saving with the mix and match sale of the Kroger ! I will post a single article just for these products. Keep in touch.simple truth organic kroger p2 4-10 jan

Renew your breakfast inventory. Get cereals, cookies, beverage and also stock up the household products at lowered prices.

Nabisco Family Size Cookies $3.49
Little Debbie Snack Cakes 2/$6
General Mills Cereal $3.49
Hubert’s Lemonade 8 pk, 10 fl oz or SkinnyPop Popcorn, 9 oz $4.99

Gatorade $8.99 18 pk, 12 fl oz
Red Bull Energy Drink $18.99 12 pk

Also find Huggies diapers, wipes, baby food on pg 6.

Kroger Weekly Ad Dec 26 16 – Jan 3 2017

Kroger has this ad consisting of only 2 pages. kroger weekly ad dec 28 2016It is offering you the lowered prices of fresh food, grocery, extra savings on party size snacks. Celebrate New Year’s Eve with much less prices at Kroger Stores. This ad price range is currently valid. Don’t forget to check out all of the items you love on the cover. Chips, crisps, fruits, and some food storage products are all in.

Half price seasonal merchandise is also available in the new Kroger Ad.

Sterilite sweater box value pk 2/$10
Sterilite tote $11.99
Sterilite storage box $6.99
Everyday living hangers $1.29

Sterilite shoe box 10/$10
Sterilite 3-drawer storage cart $13.99
Sterilite tote 2/$10
Stack & Carry 2-layer ornament box $12.99

Fresh Fruit and Snacks are featured. Blueberries, great snacks are on sale.

Doritos 9.5 oz. $1.99
California pizza kitchen or DiGiorno pizza $4.99
Kroger cheese $2.77
Nabisco snack crackers 2/$4
Pepsi 2L $.88