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New Kroger Weekly Ad is currently viewable. Browse the Kroger ad this week, read reviews, and posts about deals. New deals of the ad for 6 – 12 Jul, 2022. Also, see Kroger digital coupons in these ads.

They also publish Kroger Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales.

Are you trying to reduce the costs of weekly shopping? This is the page where you can find a valid Kroger Ad, which contains useful information to help you with that issue of yours. Digital coupons, mix and match sales, general grocery, patio sale, fresh food, fuel points, and more deals are favorites of customers of Kroger. Visit the latest Kroger Circular to see the currently valid ones.

The store is one of the widest supermarket chains in the country. It’s a Cincinnati, Ohio based retailer. A very long backed history of Kroger is a sign of the experience, guarantee of satisfaction with a wide range of products that are always available in-store or online through the weekly ads. Kroger’s other stores, which we also write about, are Ralphs and Fry’s. Since they are aiming to serve at various locations in the U.S. They also own several different supermarkets across the whole country. According to many authorities, this store is the 5th largest retailer in the world.

The Kroger’s Ad generally provides detailed information of grocery, fresh produce, meat, snacks, beverage, breakfast food, floral, pharmacy, pet products, personal care, household, deli, bakery, organic food, health&beauty outdoor, services and more featuring savings, deals and similar kind of profits for customers. Their ads may feature several types of deals. They also accept different kinds of coupons. So coupon match-ups are a possible way to save via Kroger Ad or online deals. Another important thing is of course Kroger Card. Be a frugal shopper with being a user of Kroger weekly circular which contains all these.


What Day Does Kroger Sales Start?

Wednesday, usually.

How to order groceries from Kroger? - Free Pickup, Delivery, Shipping

Use the online official page of Kroger or shop through the weekly ad. They offer a 1-hour delivery. There is a fee for delivery. Shipping is possible. But your order should be more than $35. Free pickup is also available. You can also use the mobile app to create a shopping list. Costless pickup rules may change in the future. But currently, you can save 5-10% compated to Shipt or Instacart.

What Type of Deals Kroger Ads Contain In General?

Kroger sales ad contains various types of discounts every week. This might depend on the time you are reading a weekly ad, since occasional sales like Black Friday, Easter, Christmas. However, a generalization of some deals and naming them is possible since we frequently observe them. It can also be useful for customers in the name of simplicity. Check out the latest Kroger weekly ad specials to make a shopping list full of savings.

What are 10/$10 Sales?

"10 for $10" is one of the most popular and spoken discount kind of this store. This deal comes with weekly ads usually. To get this price, you even don't have to get 10 items. If you have a Kroger Card, you can purchase that item for $1 each.

What is Buy X Save $X deals?

Probably the most popular and frequently featured type of deals in each weekly ad. These are sometimes called "Savings Event". I just formulated them and create that header according to its working system. When you come across a "Buy 6 Save $3" sale, you must understand that it means "when you buy 6 participating items".

How to save with Kroger Digital Coupons?

Kroger accepts various types of coupons. Check out their official site to see updated information. This policy can change. Learn How To Do Coupon Matchups and save more. Kroger coupons can either be their own coupons or they can be individual discounts

Can I Subscribe to Kroger Weekly Ads?

Yes. It's very easy and we encourage you to do that because you can receive weekly deals to your inbox this way. Follow the Kroger sale ad on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, too.

How to find an early preview of Kroger Ad For Next Week?

Piece of cake. Check this page on Saturdays to see next week's deals on a Kroger ad preview. I can't promise for every week but it's very likely to find ad preview on the weekends. Kroger sneak peek ad preview is usually updated on Saturdays. Come back on the weekend to see the Kroger preview ad.

Where to find Kroger print ads?

Find Kroger sales paper in the stores. However, we also share print ad scans here although it's poor quality. An update comes on Tuesdays so that people can browse HD versions of the papers.

What is Kroger Flyer?

It's the same thing with the weekly ad. Kroger's Weekly Ad can be called by other names like specials, print ads, etc.

What is Kroger 3 Day Sale?

Kroger sometimes offers weekend deals. They are only valid for 3 days starting from Friday. They may be called 3-day sale in the ads.

Is Kroger Black Friday sale is viewable on the ads?

Yes. Although it's not as popular as some stores, the supermarket does offer some Black Friday deals at the end of the year.

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Kroger Weekly Ad Jul 6 - 12, 2022

Kroger Weekly Ad Jul 6 - 12, 2022 with double fuel points, products like crackers, Doritos chips, salmon fillets, Starkist chunk light tuna, mix & match sale is now available. Save with digital deals. The extensive product range of Kroger supermarket is clearly seen in these ads. The most popular deals are usually included in them and you can find basics like fresh fruits. With digital deal, you can buy peaches or nectarines for only $1.99 each. There are protein shake deals in the new ad. Organic food deals like Simple Truth natural 93% lean ground turkey are also available in the new ad.

2x fuel point with digital coupon Snacks like Cheez-It, Cheetos, Tostitos, Doritos, Center-cut salmon, Coke, Dr Pepper, Pepsi, and more Digital deals: Deli fresh lunch meat, peach, nectarine, washington cherries, Kroger chicken party wings, salad dressing, toothpaste, and more pg 2 Save $1 each wyb 5 or more - Totino's pizza rolls, General Mills cereal, Peet's Coffee, Tide Liquid Laundry detergent, Bounty Paper Towels pg 3 Fresh produce: grape tomatoes, Brussels Sprouts, strawberries, sunflower brunch, Bryan smoked sausage, Agrosuper chicken wings, catfish fillets pg 4 Grocery... Read More...


Kroger Weekly Ad Jun 29 - Jul 5, 2022

You can use so many options to save on a favorite item at Kroger supermarkets. Browse the latest Kroger Ad for the best offers. Double fuel points, fresh produce, snacks, general store items, and many more are featured items in the Kroger Weekly Ad Jun 29 - Jul 5, 2022. You can save double on fuel with digital coupons. Shop in the participating range of mix & match for your grocery needs. Mix & match deals usually contain the essential needs and also snacks. General Mills cereal is one of the products that will be $1 cheaper in the Kroger's mix & match sale this week. You can also sign up for boost to save even more. It starts at $59 per year. It is a great ad if you wanna shop for 4th of July, too.

2x fuel points, fresh products like peaches, boneless half ribeye, grillin' beans, potato chips, and more products pg 1  Promoted items of mix & match sale including Private Selection ice cream, General Mills Cereal, Kraft Singles, Pepperidge Farm Goldfish   Digital deals: Kroger Brats or Italian sausage, Oscar Mayer Beef, Angus or Natural Turkey Hot Dogs, Kroger Cole Slaw, Angel Food Cake, Kingsford Original, Morning Star Farms Entrée, and more  The... Read More...

Kroger Weekly Ad Jun 22 - 28 Jun 2022

Earn 2x fuel points with a digital coupon at Kroger through July 17. Using Kroger ads you can easily access to similar deals every week. BOGOs, multiple-buy deals, mix & match sale, and coupons will help you save on what you need in terms of regular general store items. Save $1 each wyb 5 or more in the mix & match sale with products like Hellmann's Real Mayonnaise, Classico Pasta sauce, Pepperidge Farm Goldfish Crackers, and Philadelphia Cream cheese. Also, don't forget to see weekly digital deals range. Some personal care items are featured products and the deals are valid up to 5 times. Shop Kroger brand products to save more.

2x fuel points with digital coupon Fresh deals like apples, chicken drumsticks, seedless grapes, fresh baked cookies, and more pg 1 Save $1 each when you buy 5 or more products from mix & match sale Weekly Digital deals with Nathan's Beef Franks, Boneless Beef Flat Iron Steaks, Apple pie, Athena Cantaloupe, Polar Seltzer Water, and more

Check out these mix & match products on Kroger Weekly Ad Jun 22 - 28, 2022:

Folgers Coffee $9.49 Private Selection Ice Cream $3.99 Cheetos $2.49 Pepperidge Farm Cookies $2.99 ea Bugl... Read More...

Kroger Michigan Ad Preview Healthy Snacks

Hello people!

Welcome to Kroger Michigan ad preview of this week. There are nearly 50 Kroger stores in Michigan. So i'm sure you have a favourite Kroger store next to you. Today i'm gonna give you some advice what to buy and what to eat from the weekly ad.


Eating clean and healthy will make you feel better and stronger. If you wake up tired in the mornings or feel exhausted at the end of the day, probably you are eating junk food. Other than daily exercise, paying attention to what we eat is surely necessary.

This week Kroger Michigan  is offering many healthy snacks. Let's take a look at some of them.

kroger michigan ad preview

Red Raspberries 99¢ with card.

Michigan Leaf Lettuce 99¢ with card.

Yoplait or Dannon Yogurt 10 FOR $5 with card.

Avocados 99¢ with card.

Healthy snacks are mostly fruits, milk, yogurt,low fat cheese etc. You can prepare yourself a light dinner when you return from work. For example a salad with some cheese, lettuce, tomatoes and cucumbers. Of course don't forget to add some meat as protein.

Please explore Kroger Michigan ad preview to find out more healthy snacks. Also having some fresh juice is good for you in the mornings. Don't use sugar included products.

Have a nice and healthy weekend!

Kroger Weekly Ad School Products off to College

School season is about to open. Every student needs to prepare for school and buy some needs. If you are a student or you have school children, take a look at Kroger weekly ad school products. There are pretty cool promotions and discounts on essentials. These items are available from September 10 to September 16.

Kroger Weekly Ad School Products Must Haves!

Kroger Weekly Ad School Products

Good news! There is 30% off on men's women's and kids' socks this week. If you have Krogers savings card, you can use this promotion.

Hanes Men’s, Women’s & Kids’ Socks 30% OFF Prices Marked Reflects

You will obviously need pencils for school year. Kroger offers a good deal on pencils.

Bic Mechanical Pencils $1.49 WITH CARD

Consuming healthy drinks is important. You can bring your own drinks to school by getting this cup.

Bubble Gel Beverage Cup $6.99 WITH CARD

How about some snacks? Being adult or child doesn't matter, everybody likes m&m's candies.  This week m&m's deal is pretty cool at Kroger.

M&M’s Candy 2 FOR $6 WITH CARD

And check out the other snacks. You can reward yourself with these after a long school day.

Milky Way Caramel Apple or Snickers Autumn Candy 2 FOR $6 WITH CARD

There is a cool rug for your room, don't miss that also.

Broadloom Area Rug $24.99 WITH CARD

For more Kroger ad school products, take a look at the last page of the ad.