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Kroger Weekly Ad Jan 22 – 28, and Jan 15 – 21 are currently viewable. Browse the ad, read reviews and posts about deals. Also, see Kroger digital coupons in these ads.

Are you trying to reduce the costs of weekly shopping? This is the page where you can find a valid Kroger Ad, which contains useful information to help you with that issue of yours. Digital coupons, mix and match sales, general grocery, patio sale, fresh food, fuel points, and more deals are favorites of customers of Kroger. Visit the latest Kroger Circular to see the currently valid ones.

The store is one of the widest supermarket chains in the country. It’s a Cincinnati, Ohio based retailer. A very long backed history of Kroger is a sign of the experience, guarantee of satisfaction with a wide range of products that are always available in-store or online through the weekly ads. Kroger’s other stores, which we also write about, are Ralphs and Fry’s. Since they are aiming to serve at various locations in the U.S. They also own several different supermarkets across the whole country. According to many authorities, this store is the 5th largest retailer in the world.

The weekly ads of the supermarket generally provides detailed information of grocery, fresh produce, meat, snacks, beverage, breakfast food, floral, pharmacy, pet products, personal care, household, deli, bakery, organic food, health&beauty outdoor, services and more featuring savings, deals and similar kind of profits for customers. Their ads may feature several types of deals. They also accept different kinds of coupons. So coupon match-ups are a possible way to save via Kroger Ad or online deals. Another important thing is of course Kroger Card. Be a frugal shopper with being a user of Kroger weekly circular which contains all these.

What Type of Deals Kroger Ads Contain In General? 

Kroger sales ad contains various types of discounts every week. This might depend on the time you are reading a weekly ad, since occasional sales like Black Friday, Easter, Christmas. However, a generalization of some deals and naming them is possible since we frequently observe them. It can also be useful for customers in the name of simplicity. You can learn this week’s sale in the latest Kroger Weekly Ad.

10/$10 Sales 

“10 for $10” is one of the most popular and spoken discount kind of this store. This deal comes with weekly ads usually. To get this price, you even don’t have to get 10 items. If you have a Kroger Card, you can purchase that item for $1 each.

Buy X Save $X 

Probably the most popular and frequently featured type of deals in each weekly ad. These are sometimes called “Savings Event”. I just formulated them and create that header according to its working system. When you come across with a “Buy 6 Save $3” sale, you must understand that it means “when you buy 6 participating items”.


Kroger accepts various types of coupons. Check out their official site to see updated information. This policy can change. Learn How To Do Coupon Matchups and save more. 

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Kroger Weekly Ad Overview January 4 - 10 2017

Kroger stores have always been the center of the all the things that are weekly needed. Kroger Weekly Ad Overview January 4 - 10 2017That contains food, beverage, breakfast food, organic choices, welness and pharmacy products. Today Kroger Weekly Ad January 4 - 10 2017 has been published. It's time to save more with this ad. If you have an ad for the products you need to shop for this week it's nearly certain that you will save.

Glance over the first page of the Kroger Ad. Yellow deals there, are some of the top deals from this ad. Moreover, welness products, as one of the rare items in regular Kroger ads, have been contained by the ad. Packaged food, pantry, some snacks are also available on this part.

Spotlight Deals Kroger Weekly Ad January 4 - 10

Check out the deals of the cover page. You can save a really significant amount of the money you spared to spend on shopping.

Perdue boneless chicken breasts $1.88 lb
Blackberries 4/$5
Lean Cuisine Entree - Stouffer's entree $1.68
Dannon Greek yogurt $.88

Welness Products and Nutrition

One of the special deals of the week are welness products from Kroger. It's possible to find some on pg 2-3.

Vicks NyQuil - DayQuil $7.99 pg 2
Halls cough drops 25-30ct. $1.59
Nature Made vitamins or supplements B1G1 Free
Body Fortress whey protein powder $17.99
Osteo Bi-flex vitamins or supplements B1G1 Free or lesser
Healthy Living hydration or lunch kits $7.99
Ensure or boost nutritional shakes $7.99
Centrum vitamins or supplements $9.99
Nicorette nicotine gum $39.99
Think thin bar 10/$10

Kroger creates new ways to protect your budget. Tier 1 Medicare Part D will reduce the cost of pharmacy expenses to the zero. Ask Kroger for more official information. Many European countries offer free pharmacy when you sign up for insurance.

On pg 2 red deals consisting of chips, soup etc. are in the list below.

Lay's potato chips $1.99 - Kettle chips - Tostitos $1.99
Campbell's soup 10/$10
Ocean Spray juice cocktails $1.49 ea
Kroger beans 5/$3
Stouffer's party size entree $10.99
Freschetta pizza $4.99
Hot or Lean pockets 2 ct. $1.99

Meat and Fresh Produce

Classic sales of Kroger ads are focused on the roast, chicken breasts, whole chickens and sometimes they offer online orders. Last week they got platters for order-online service. This week a regular weekly sale is available at Kroger. Starting from tomorrow, you can shop for these prices.Welness Products and Nutrition kroger p2 4 - 01 jan 17

Simple Truth natural whole fryer or drumsticks $.99 lb.
St. Louis style ribs $1.99 lb.
Boneless shoulder roast $4.99 lb.
Fresh ground chuck $3.49 lb.

Simple Truth organic salads, bread, packaged chicken, organic broth and tortilla chips. They are the choice of people who want to live healthy. Simple Truth, as one of the private labelled food brand, is one of the best selling items in Kroger stores. As you know, Kroger manufactures 40% of its retail range. Once they were known as cheap and low quality items but they are reliable, trusted and well-known nation wide. People prefer them over national brands too.

Simple Truth organic salad 2/$6
Simple Truth nuts $6.99
Simple Truth lunch meat 2/$7
Simple Truth colossal roasted chicken $9.99
Simple Truth natural chicken breast $3.99 lb.

And Organic Simple Truth products on pg 5:

Organic tortilla chips 2/$4
Organic broth $1.99
Organic frozen fruit $2.99

Kroger Buy 5 Save $5 Mix and Match and Breakfast Food

Maybe the most favourite deal of the Kroger Ad this week. Select the quality 5 items from this range and it'll eventually $5 cheaper than regular retail. Start saving with the mix and match sale of the Kroger ! I will post a single article just for these products. Keep in touch.simple truth organic kroger p2 4-10 jan

Renew your breakfast inventory. Get cereals, cookies, beverage and also stock up the household products at lowered prices.

Nabisco Family Size Cookies $3.49
Little Debbie Snack Cakes 2/$6
General Mills Cereal $3.49
Hubert's Lemonade 8 pk, 10 fl oz or SkinnyPop Popcorn, 9 oz $4.99

Gatorade $8.99 18 pk, 12 fl oz
Red Bull Energy Drink $18.99 12 pk

Also find Huggies diapers, wipes, baby food on pg 6.

Kroger Weekly Ad Dec 26 16 - Jan 3 2017

Kroger has this ad consisting of only 2 pages. kroger weekly ad dec 28 2016It is offering you the lowered prices of fresh food, grocery, extra savings on party size snacks. Celebrate New Year's Eve with much less prices at Kroger Stores. This ad price range is currently valid. Don't forget to check out all of the items you love on the cover. Chips, crisps, fruits, and some food storage products are all in.

Half price seasonal merchandise is also available in the new Kroger Ad.

Sterilite sweater box value pk 2/$10
Sterilite tote $11.99
Sterilite storage box $6.99
Everyday living hangers $1.29

Sterilite shoe box 10/$10
Sterilite 3-drawer storage cart $13.99
Sterilite tote 2/$10
Stack & Carry 2-layer ornament box $12.99

Fresh Fruit and Snacks are featured. Blueberries, great snacks are on sale.

Doritos 9.5 oz. $1.99
California pizza kitchen or DiGiorno pizza $4.99
Kroger cheese $2.77
Nabisco snack crackers 2/$4
Pepsi 2L $.88

Kroger Weekly Ad Christmas Deals 2016 | Dec 14 - 24

Merry Christmas ! Kroger Weekly Ad Christmas Deals 2016 has been released. Starting from today you can shop for regular food priced at special holiday values. Kroger Weekly Ad Christmas Deals 2016On pg 8 you can find stocking stuffers. Find Christmas decor on pg 8 and gift packing products on pg 9. Also some rare advantages have been contained by the ad. This is 10 days sale so you have time until Christmas Eve. Important notes from this ad:

- Kroger offers Senior Rewards for 60 or older customers. Save 5% on grocery on Wednesday.
- Order platters online on or you can call 1-877-894-3707.
- Buy 3 Save $3 deals are valid this week.
- Get your flu shot 7 days a week.
- Save $1 per gallon for redeeming 1000 pts at Krogor fuel centres.

Spotlight Deals of Kroger Weekly Ad Christmas Deals 2016

Kroger is one of the best supermarkets offering wide range of products on sale every week on their weekly ads. The name may vary upon your locations. For example, in Arizona, Kroger serves as Fry's Food store. The ad we are exploring belongs to Georgia but generally the ads don't change too much. Go to their page for request the exact weekly ad that belongs to your location.

In the ad Christmas products and holiday specials are heavily highlighted. I believe you can save more than previous weeks with this one.

Christmas Decor and Gifts by Kroger Ad

Wrap your gifts with the material you can get from Kroger stores this week. Kroger Ad offers these products on the pg 9 and Christmas decor can be found on pg 8.

Holiday Home mini galaxy bows 12 ct. 10/$10 pg 8
Holiday gift & fruit baskets $19.99
Nutcrackers 40% off
Wilton Gingerbread house $9.99
25% off Crayola Crayons
Skittles or M&M's filled candy canes 2/$4
Christmas Sweaters men's & women's $14.99
Lindt milk chocolate snowflake $.79
Lifesavers or SweeTarts candy canes 2/$4

Jumbo Christmas plush $39.99
Barbie styling heads $9.99
Ultimate artist coloring book set $9.99
Holiday home bow bags $2.39
Large Gift with tissue 2/$5
Holiday Wrapping paper $1.49
HD Designs Holiday microplush blankets $12.99
40% off Holiday home mini Christmas Lights

Christmas dinners by Kroger are only $49.99 and you can order online 24 hours before delivery.

Kroger Weekly Ad Holiday Deals Dec 7 - 13 2016

Shop for new Buy 4 Save $4 items and Christmas decor by Kroger Weekly Ad Holiday Deals Dec 7 - 13 2016 this week. Kroger Weekly Ad Holiday Deals Dec 7 - 13 2016They made special list of the items on pg 6 and pg 7 for the holiday. Snacks, seafood and recipes with special prices can be browsed on pg 5. Find shrimps, nuts, cheescake and soda on sale. Kroger offers of Buy 4 Save $4 deals are generally snacks, packaged food, cereals and that sort of products.

Spotlight Deals of Kroger Weekly Ad Deals Dec 7 - 13

On pg 2-3 red deals will be so much fun. They are huge sale. Take a look at the new sale on the pg 5. If you need some stuff for partying, and I know you need them, try Kroger's awesome low prices on the corn flakes and peanuts. Only $1.99 is the price you will pay for Chex cereal or peanuts, Lea and Perrins worcestershire sauce or Sriracha sauce. See the weights of the products on the pg 5.

Holiday Food and Decor

You can online order the platters. Party platters, brunch or appetizers can be ordered online. Your party will be better with platters. Also it's your last chance to earn 4x fuel points on gift cards. Until Dec 10 you can benefit this deal.

Pepsi 2L or Kickstart Energy, 12-16 fl oz. cans $.88 pg 5
Cooked perfect meatballs $4.99
Private selection cheesecake $9.99
Kroger Egg Nog $2.99
Nabisco Ritz crackers 2/$4
Blue diamond Artisan nut thins 2/$5

Buy 4 Save $4 Deals by Kroger Ad

As a classic deal, this offer has done so much for everyone. Kroger Ad has this one again. The ad we have updated belongs to the store in Waycross, Georgia. These participating items may vary store by store. So be careful about the tags you can see on the products.

Kellogg's cereal $1.99
Green Mountain or Donut Shop K-cups $4.99
Kroger cheese 12-16 oz $2.49
Kraft Mayo or Miracle whip $1.99
Johnsonville ground sausage $2.99
Blue Diamond Almond breeze $1.88
Tropicana or Trop50 orange juice $2.49

Christmas Decor and Stocking Stuffers

See the last page of the ad to discover new stuff from stocking stuffers and Christmas decor. This might be the lowest price range for such products.

Holiday bows $2.39
Medium gift bags with tissue 2/$3
Holiday wrapping paper $1.49
Shatterproof Christmas ornaments $9.99
Tinsel Garland $3.99
Holiday home glass decor $9.99
Christmas stockings $7.99
Giant Christmas plush $19.99
Men's or Women's slippers $12.99
Lindt Lindor truffles $5.99
Lifesavers storybook candy 2/$5
Hershey's giant candy bar 2/$4