Light Sports Makeup Style & Skin Care

In this article, we shared good tips for Sports Makeup Style & Skin Care with Avon Campaign 16 2021! Although we do not recommend make-up so that the skin can breathe while doing sports, some days you may still want to be well-groomed and look beautiful. It is possible to look the way you want even while expending energy on the treadmill, doing sit-ups and lifting weights.

Of course, not with the make-up materials you use in your daily life. This time, you need to look a little more natural and buy more durable products. If you need these types cosmetics, you should browse Avon Catalog 16 2021!

First of all, make sure that the make-up materials you apply to your face are oil-free. If you don’t use oil-free make-up, your make-up can quickly deteriorate when you sweat and your skin can’t breathe. In the end, you may have to deal with unwanted acne.

For this, first apply a light moisturizer that will restore the lost moisture to your skin. You can turn to water-based products. Give your cheeks a subtle tint with a waterproof blush. Try not to overdo it, otherwise you may look crimson after exercise.

It is possible to get help from face sprays to fix your oil-free make-up materials on your face. When applying mascara, choose a waterproof product. Otherwise, your mascara may run off when you start sweating. If you are looking for a good waterproof selection, see the AVON C16 2021!

Skin Care Routine

In addition to your physical appearance, sports, which improve the health of your skin and even your mental health, help accelerate blood circulation and purify the skin from toxins. A skin that is free of tonsins, on the other hand, looks radiant and healthy.

In addition to all the benefits of sports for the skin, if you do not pay attention to your skin care before and after sports, you may cause skin problems such as acne, blackheads, whiteheads to fill your pores with dirt and oil due to sweating.

Cleanse your skin

Before starting the sport, make sure that there is no make-up on your skin. As your body warms up during exercise, your pores open and this causes the make-up products you use on your skin to fill your pores. There are many good cleansers on C16 AVON 2021. View them!

AVON sunscreen

Sunscreen is among the most important steps of proper skin care. It will also appear in your skin care routine for sports. Sunscreen provides protection against UV rays that break down collagen. Do not forget to use your sunscreen not only in summer but also in winter. Make sure to choose a moisturizer with at least SPF every season, because the sun’s rays touch your skin in winter, even though it is not as steep as in summer.

Don’t forget your moisturizer and deodorant

Your workout is over, you have cleaned your face. Always apply your moisturizing cream to prevent your skin from drying out and looking flaky.
Also, do not forget to have deodorant in your bag to prevent the smell of sweat after sports. With Avon Anti-Perspirant Deodorant, you can experience shower refreshment all day long. See the latest Avon Brochure for the best deodortants and roll-ons.

Here are some tips for Sports Makeup Style & Skin Care with Avon Brochure 16 2021. For more tips and Avon Products, visit the home page. And see the category page and see the latest Avon Catalog in the US!

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