L’Oreal Cosmetics CVS Ad

It’s important to get information about the products you use on your skin.CVS Weekly Ad Beauty Deals April 16 - 22 2017 L’Oreal is one of the top brands all around the world. They provide really wide range of cosmetics for skin care. Anti-aging, dark circles, dark spots, eye creams, facial mask, oil types and millions of more products are available within their circle. Regularly there are no labels on the cosmetic products that indicate if they are organic or natural or similar expression like these. People naturally tend to buy natural formulas. In USA government doesn’t identify if they are organic or not. So you need to be informed about the product you buy. These products numerous kinds of chemical compounds. Some are neutral and some can be dangerous for your skin. L’Oreal is a world-wide brand and their products have proven themselves. Fragrance products are risky when it comes to health. There could be some compounds which you are allergic to in the perfumes.

FDA prohibits some of ingredients in these cosmetic products. Bithionol, chloroform, vinyl chloride, zirconium complexes and some more compounds are not allowed to be in cosmetics. See their official statement for these prohibited chemicals. EWG (Environmental Working Group), which is another authority also has a list of more compounds.

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