Makeup Product Trends 2020

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Classic eye makeup

There is a saying that classic is always good. This goes for makeup trends. Although make-up models will give a wider place to contrary make-up types in 2020, the classics will remain. The thing that will make a neutral makeup on the face more attractive is, of course, eye makeup. Eye makeup with black and dark colors will continue to be a trend in 2020. The dark use with the tine dark eye shadow. 2020 is the year of slightly lighter makeup. Therefore, combine such dominant eye makeup with neutral face makeup. You may not even apply anything to the lips.

Brown eyeshadow

One of the eye makeup trends of 2020 will be the brown eyeshadow. Brown is also one of the colors of the contour. Depending on how this eye shadow is applied, it can make the eyes look larger or smaller than they are. This eye makeup looks more impressive, especially in brown women. Again, like other dominant eye makeup, the recommended face makeup in this type of makeup is neutral.

Pink and purple headlights

Pink and purple will be among the most frequently preferred colors in 2020’s eyeshadow. Those who prefer more masculine clothes will prefer pink and purple, which are more feminine colors in their eye makeup, to soften their appearance. Neutral makeup will be used especially in the use of such contra-colored eye shadows.

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