Makeup Tips for Red Hair

Make-up highlights your red hair, if you have red hair, you need makeup so, we shared makeup tips for red hair with Avon Campaign 18 2020! We researched which tones of makeup should be done for red hair one by one. Which shades should be used for red hair color and which makeup styles should be preferred? You’re in the right place for makeup styles that will highlight your hair color and blend naturally with your red hair!

Use a thin foundation

If you have red hair, you should aim for natural looks in skin makeup. For this, opt for thin foundation foundations. The finer your foundation is, the more natural your hair will look. Ink Lasting Foundation Slim Fit covers the imperfections on the skin with a thin layer and leaves a natural-matte appearance on the skin. You should add this foundation to your makeup routine to prevent glare on your face and oily in the T-zone.

Sparkly eye makeup

You should use bright eyeshadow colors to bring out the shine of red hair. Brown, green, and bronze colors from sparkling eyeshadows will look great on red hair. Avon True Color Eyeshadow Quad from C18 2020 is a good choice! It has colors that will make the contrast makeup created by bronze and red hair stand out.

Which color blushes should red hair use?

Redheads should use a cooler-toned bronzer instead of colored blushes. Cool undertone bronzers will create a harmonious balance with your red hair, making you look cooler. You can start applying under the cheekbones by choosing the bronzer according to the skin color.

Skip the illuminator step

If you are looking for a fresh illuminator compatible with your red hair, we recommend Avon mark Illuminating Drops. This illuminator, which gives a very bright and radiant look rather than a silvery illuminator, provides the bright look that red hair needs. If you want to make bright skin make-up, you can add a few drops of illuminator to the foundation to make your foundation more radiant. See Avon Catalog 18 2020 for this product!

Be careful when choosing a lipstick color

One of the most sensitive points that red hair should pay attention to when making make-up is the choice of lipstick color. The most suitable lipstick colors for red hair are brown, nude, burgundy, and red. The colors that red hair should stay away from are orange, pink, and fuchsia lipsticks. You should choose gloss or satin lipsticks to give an energetic look to red hair color.

Here are makeup tips for Red Hair with Avon Brochure 18 2020! If you want to see more Avon Products, offers or tips, visit the main page. Also, follow us on Youtube and Twitter!