Meijer Easter Gift Sale Apr 5 – 11, 2020 | Weekly Ad

Meijer Easter Gift Sale Apr 5 - 11, 2020Meijer’s Easter hours will be 8am – 5pm. Meijer Express will be working on 8am – 10pm. Celebrate with the delicious foods from the pg 1-2 of the latest ad. Ham, pineapples, shrimp, pies, beef bone-in rib roast, and snack sale are all available in the Easter food range of Meijer. You can buy a main meal at Meijer stores. They have a very versatile range of grocery aisle filled with only the top foods. However, Meijer is not all foods. The latest Meijer weekly ad covers general merchandise products. Most people buy nice gifts for this special day. Although gatherings and celebrating with your co-workers or anything like that are not possible this year, gifts for kids are always there. Toys, movies, and games are Easter gifts by the store. Visit pg 3 to see Meijer Easter gift sale Apr 5 – 11. Save $10 on video games. 4-page ad has even more than this. Health and wellness products are on the final page of the ad. Products from Meijer Easter Gift Sale in this ad:

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