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Meijer Weekly Ad Deals Oct 7 - 13, 2018 | Grocery, Snacks

Meijer Weekly Ad Deals Oct 7 13 201810 for $10 mix or match deal on products including Oscar Mayer lunchables, Dannon yogurt drinks, Meijer split top bread or white buns, Hunt's canned tomatoes and more. See these on the cover page where more products like Campbell's chunky soup and General Mills cereal discount prices are available. Halloween or Fall Harvest club size bagged candy is a BOGO 50% off sale. Michigan apples is one of the best products from fresh produce and it will cost only $.69/lb. California red, green or black seedless grapes is $1.17/lb. True Goodness organic orange juice is a symbol of healthy choice food that are featured items of pg 2. Find frozen potatoes, dry dog food, bread, coffee pods, and more foods there. Meat, fresh produce, more organic food, and deli-bakery are available on pg 4. Good deals there, too and one of them is Ace Artisan bread which is 25% cheaper starting on Sunday. Pumpkin is a popular flavor in October. Halloween deals combined with pumpkin flavored snacks, candies, and pantry products got interesting even more today. One of the deals is Pumpkin spice or Mackinaw fudge chocolate cake that is on pg 4.

10 for $10 mix or match sale pg 1:

Grocery deals and dairy:

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