Meijer Weekly Ad Sale May 10 – 16, 2020

Meijer Weekly Ad Sale May 10 - 16, 2020Buy cookies, grapes, salad blends, chips, coke, and more products with multiple-buy savings at Meijer stores. Starting on Sunday, you have a nice price range and special deals. Meijer sells ham, turkey, chicken, or cheese for $5.99. That’s your food for lunch today. Fresh fruit sale is a part of the Meijer weekly ad. Apple, onions, strawberries, watermelon chunks, orange, and more fruits will be in the fresh category. Buy some Kosher pickle chips. Meijer offers some fresh bakery products like angel food ring, cake donut holes, and more.

Meijer also has packaged food products. Ready meals may help you prepare some nice dinner tables quickly. Stouffer’s French bread pizza, seapak frozen prepared seafood, launch box frozen sandwiches, and more products are going to be on your list. Visit pg 3 for snack sale, too.

Shop healthy, delicious, crispy breakfast foods like cereals. Milk and cereals are a quick way to be done with your breakfast early in the morning. Some hot beverage like black tea or coffee afterward will warm you up. In summer, you might want to eat some yogurt, too. 10 Yoplait yogurt will cost $5. Light, original, and fruity flavors are available on Meijer weekly ad sale May 10 – 16. Check out all the new savings.

Laundry Care Products From Meijer Weekly Ad Sale May 10 – 16

Keep your clothes clean as much as you can. Frequently wash them in your washer and if possible, wash them at high temperatures. It’s a good way to be sure you killed the virus on your clothes, too. Tide pods and liquid detergent are popular laundry chemicals at Meijer but there are more products, too.

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