Meijer Weekly Ad Nov 21 - 27, 2021

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Meijer Thanksgiving deals are the major things being advertised on the new Meijer Ad. Meijer offers a good price for turkey every year. A few weeks ago, they had frozen turkey for $.39 /lb. Now, you can prefer fresh turkey. And you can buy it on Thanksgiving Day, too because Meijer stores will be open. You will probably roast it on the same day with a gathering of the family or whoever you spend Thanksgiving with. Maybe you don't celebrate any occasion, you just like turkey. Anyway, you can buy a fresh turkey for only $.99 per lb at Meijer stores. Shop sides, sauces, sweet potato pie, mandarins, Stove Top turkey breast, stuffing, AHA soda, and many more products on the front page.

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