Natural and Plump Lips in 4 Steps

Today’s topic is about natural and plump lips in 4 steps with Avon Campaign 7 2020! The plump lips of Emily Ratajkowski are one of the secrets of the sex appeal. The trend started by Kylie Jenner gives you the full lips you want overlining. However, having to apply lipstick removes you from a natural and unwashed look. If you are not as lucky as Emily about lips, get natural-looking sexy lips with light games that you will apply in 4 easy steps!

Get Natural-Looking Sexy Lips!

In the first step, apply the contour logic you applied to your cheekbones to your lips. Gently distribute your contour powder just under your lower lip with a fan brush. With this method, you will shade the lip and show it more voluminous. If you need a contour stick, you should browse Avon Catalog 7 2020 in detail.

With a nude pencil with a lighter shade than your skin color – this could also be an eyeliner – follow your upper lip line from the outside and reduce its sharpness without over-distributing it with your finger. The cream-colored pencil makes the lip line indistinct and adds light to the lip frame, making it look bigger than it is. You must try Avon True Color Glimmerstick Eyeliner from Avon Campaign March 2020 in detail!

Apply your highlighter vaguely to Cupids Bow. You can use your finger or a headlight blending brush for this. The highlighter you will drive here will attract attention, making your upper lip appear more elevated. There many highlighters from Avon Brochure 7 2020. You must take a look at this!

Finally, apply a transparent gloss to the middle of your bare lips. Be careful not to spread the product over your entire lip and stay only in the middle zone. It is perfect for creating a more voluminous lip illusion by reflecting the shining light applied to the middle of the lip!

Here are natural and plump lips in 4 steps! If you want to see more Avon Products, deals and makeup tips, visit the main page! And follow us on Facebook!