Popular Nail Polish Colors in Autumn

See popular nail polish colors in autumn with Avon Campaign 22 2020! The weather is getting colder, the leaves turn yellow. We leave the vibrant colors of summer behind. While our clothes and hair are affected, the shades of nail polishes we use on our nails are changing in 2020/2021, just like every year. In today’s article, we share with you the nail polish colors you can use in autumn.

Autumn is the harbinger of the winter month. In this season, the weather gradually gets colder, warning people to prepare for the winter. Trees lose their green beauty, shed their leaves, plants turn yellow, animals begin to prepare for winter. Each season has its own colors. Nails are also important in the autumn season when we return to earth tones, reds, and burgundy as well as natural colors. The nail fashion of 2020 seems to add new perspectives. We are entering a period in which colors are not very intense, patterns and prints are effective. You will be able to find new designs for yourself, inspired by the suggestions.

Popular Nail Polish Colors in Autumn

Although black is among the indispensables of every season, those who want to try a different color but as wild as black should definitely try deep and characterful dark blue tones this season.

It’s time to shelve your caramel and peach nudes, which go well with tan skin. This season’s nude color is quite light, neutral, and muted.

Gray has been a staple in nails for the last few seasons. This natural shade is again among the favorites with its new undertone that winked with blue/khaki.

From burnt sand colors to fired earth tones, the terracotta range is one of the season’s latest edition favorites in a manicure.

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