Practical Eye Makeup

This article’s topic is about Practical Eye Makeup with products of Avon Campaign 5 2020! As every Avon Brochure, you will come across unbeatable opportunities! Personal care products, fragrances, makeup products, and many essential things are available on Avon Campaign February 2020! Therefore, you should check out all the pages and enjoy discovering new products of Avon!


Start by applying base or concealer to the area from the lash line to your eyebrow, this will help you use your eye makeup for longer. If you are going to use several shades, start with a lighter shade first and apply it across the area between your lash line and the eyebrow. Then move from darker to lighter using darker tints. For a natural look, you should distribute the shadow well, the colors should be mixed well.


Instead of looking directly in the mirror, get closer, tilt your head and bring your chin towards the mirror. Draw lines as short as possible to continue the lines from the inside outwards and then connect them. If you can’t get a streak, you can create a similar effect with a pencil eye shadow. If you still have the desired result after trying it many times, distribute your eyeliner with the help of the headlight brush to create a smoky look.


You should always apply your mascara from the eyelash bottoms to the ends. If you apply it by drawing zigzags from right to left while pulling from bottom to top, you will get a fuller look. If you want to have a more intense effect and have big eyes, you should also apply mascara on your lower lashes. But don’t forget to take the excess of the tip of the mascara brush before applying this. And finally, you should never pump the mascara brush. This will cause air to enter your mask and dry out immediately.

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