Prep Your Hair for Autumn

Prep Your Hair for Autumn with haircare products of Avon Campaign 19 2020! Just as you protect your hair from the negative effects of the sun, sea and pool water in summer, following a special care routine in dry, cold and windy seasons will ensure you have shiny and healthy-looking hair at any time of the year. We shared with you what you should pay attention to in your hair care in autumn and winter and what you need to change in the hair care steps you apply in the summer.

Dry and Fine Hair Tips

When we step into a colder season after hot and humid weather, our hair can also look dull. Just like your skin, your hair needs extra moisture during these seasons. Add a moisturizing hair mask to your care routine to use at least once a week so your hair can adapt to changes in air temperature and look more vibrant. Jojoba, shea or avocado oils are known for their extra moisturizing properties.

Static Hair

The problem of static hair can be on the rise due to the hats and scarves we wear in cold weather. If you also have problems with frizz in your hair, hair serums will be your savior. By creating a layer on the surface of your hair, a serum that prevents it from losing moisture and at the same time gives it shine will prevent the problem of static hair.

Dull Hair

Especially if you have straight hair, you are likely to encounter dull and losing hair in cold weather. In order to overcome this problem, the key point is to choose products that will nourish the roots of your hair and accelerate the blood circulation in your scalp. Also, a hairspray can increase the volume of your hair and give it the finishing touch to keep it looking dull and dull.

Hair Stylers

Since we are more prone to leave the house by drying our hair in cold weather, this brings with it heat-affected and damaged hair. Moreover, this effect increases even more if you also use conditioners such as hair straighteners. To minimize these, you should use a product that will protect your hair from heat. This can be a mask to apply to your damp hair before you start the styling phase. Thus, you will moisturize and protect them and make them look brighter.

Haircare Products by Avon Catalog 19 2020;

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