Protect Your Skin From the Sun in Four Seasons

In this article, you will come across special tips to protect your skin from the sun in four seasons with Avon Campaign 18 2020. Most of us know that using sunscreen is vitally important during the summer vacation. Well, did you know that the sun’s rays continue to harm your skin all year round? We have compiled the best ways to protect your skin from the sun’s harmful rays for four seasons.


The intensity of UV rays increases faster than ever throughout the year. This period is also the period when the melanin pigment in your skin is the least, so your skin is also vulnerable to UV rays.

As the temperature and humidity increase, your skin’s oil production increases. Choose skincare products with at least SPF 15 sun protection and light texture according to your skin structure. Avoid the sun as much as possible by wearing wide-brimmed hats, long-sleeved shirts, and trousers for a while until your skin is used to the intensifying sun rays. If you are looking for good sunscreens, you should check out Avon Catalog 18 2020 in detail.


Summer is a time of exposure to more UV rays and longer periods of time. This creates a dangerous combination for your skin health. Fortunately, the level of melanin in your skin continues to rise during the spring, increasing your resistance to sunlight. However, you should use sunscreen to protect your skin from premature aging and dark spots.

When swimming in the sea or spending hours in the sun, use a broad-spectrum water-resistant sunscreen SPF 30 or higher. It would be okay to use your sunscreen generously. Do not neglect to protect your nose, ears, hands, and feet in particular.


The falling temperature and the heating systems used in your environment cause your skin to dry starting from the surface. Especially if the harmful rays you were exposed to during spring and summer caused your skin to thicken and harden, it will be very difficult to moisturize it in real terms. Your skin will need comprehensive care that includes peeling, massage, and lots of moisturizing. Make sure you follow your day and night routines.


Your skin is more prone to dryness in winter than ever before. Because during the winter, cold weather, strong winds, and air conditioning systems that dry the air work together to dry your skin. You might think UV rays won’t be effective during the winter, but you’d be wrong! In particular, snow and ice double the effect you are exposed to by reflecting UV rays.

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