Ralphs Weekly Ad Overview Jan 15 – 21 2017

Did you see the news about the 82-year old veteran who plays chess with customers at one of the Ralphs grocery stores located in Seal beach blvd., LA. That shows how much fun is being at Ralphs stores. Ralphs Weekly Ad Overview Jan 15 - 21 2017Ralphs deals are not the only only facts that you will definitely enjoy shopping. This type of entertaining events happen at the stores frequently.

Ralphs offers the best for you, especially when you think of the organic food. Check out pg 5 consisting of Simple Truth organic products. Packaged fresh produce with nothing but benefit. Check out all details of these products. On the list below you can see the price information.

Simple Truth:

Organic milk $3.49
Organic salad $2.99
Organic blend $3.49
Soy, almond, or coconut milk 2/$5
Organic coconut water 3/$5
Tortilla chips 2/$4
Nuts $6.99
Organic broth 2/$3

One of the best deals from Ralphs Ad is that of the Buy 3 Save $3 deals appearing on pg 2. It offers some snacks, energy drink, favorite beverage, packaged food. On the same page, you will find bakery, red deals, natural foods and dairy, too.

Simply Lemonade or minute maid light lemonade $1.49 ea
Nabisco multi-pack snacks $3.99
Powerade or Powerade zero $2.99 ea
Nabisco snack crackers $1.99 ea
Dasani Water $3.99 ea
Vitaminwater, Smartwater $3.99 ea
Coca-cola 6 pk $1.99 ea

Some good deals from fresh produce and meat can also be found. In the seafood shelf, find salmon fillets, and you may meet with the new price of NY strip steak on the same page.

Wild-caught sockeye salmon fillets $8.99 lb. pg 4
NY Strip steaks or flap meat for carne asada $5.99 lb.
Minneola Tangelos or California navel oranges $.99 lb.
Yellow peaches or nectarines $1.99 lb.

Some more deals of the Ralphs Ad draw attention. For example Hass avocados appearing on the cover. More than that, half price of a meat product on the same page can be seen. Don’t forget to subscribe to this category to know more about the future posts.

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