Ralphs Christmas Ad Dec 20 - 26, 2023

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Greetings from Ralphs! I have the Christmas Discount Brochure valid for December 20-26, 2023, and I'm grinning from ear to ear. This brochure is like winter bringing news of spring. Our first love, huge pineapples, 2 for only $3, are a sight for sore eyes. California's seedless mandarins, with their 3-pound bags, are $3.99, you've really hit the bottom with this price. There's also chicken breast, boneless and fresh, at $3.99 per pound, 'I can't believe the price' kind of deal.

The 'king of crackers,' Nabisco Triscuit and Wheat Thins Original, 3 for $5, 'what's this, diet or pickles?' just snack away. Kroger cheese is not forgotten, selected varieties 6-8 oz, 3 for $6, 'selling like hot cakes' at these prices.

Ralphs with this brochure 'matches Santa's bag.' 'Be merry with the money in your pocket,' it's making us happy 'in its own way.' There's something 'for everyone's taste' in this brochure. Defying those who say 'come off it!,' Ralphs has 'gone all out' with discounts. 'Hurry up,' 'many things happen before sunrise,' missing these deals is 'not sensible.'

'Ralphs has done it again this Christmas,' you'll 'eat your fingers' with its tasty products. Those who say 'neither food nor worry can enter my mouth' will be 'truly' happy after seeing these deals. 'Like the oil of one hand and the flour of the other,' adorn your Christmas tables with these discounts. 'Let your face smile, let Ralphs fill your wallet' this Christmas.