Safeway Weekly Ad Sale Apr 22 – 28, 2020

Safeway Weekly Ad Sale Apr 22 28 2020Strawberries, watermelon, steak, bakery products, and snacks appear on the first page of Safeway Ad. It’s all about having a feast at your backyard. When the sun is shining there will be an irresistible urge of grilling. Some steak, snacks, and soda might be really enjoyable at home. If you have a balcony where you can grill, that’s fine, too. Safeway Weekly Ad Sale is also a good source of some deals on products like ice cream. Buy Haagen-Dazs ice cream for $2.98. Three different types of ice cream are being promoted on the first page. Shop Safeway Weekly Ad Sale Apr 22 – 28 for a profitable week.

Grilling food is a hot topic on all weekly ads this week. Like others, you will be able to find the top deals on Safeway Ad, too. But nowadays, they publish shorter weekly ads. But interesting deals like grass fed 90% lean ground beef are there. Buy that beef for $7.49 and make fantastic burgers.

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