Seasonal Skin Problems | Autumn

In this article, you will see seasonal skin problems and solutions with Avon Campaign 21 2020! Unfortunately, the weather change is not good for the skin. Your skin can react back to sudden temperature drops and different daily routines. We researched 4 skin problems and their solutions that emerged in autumn.

Sensitive Skin

Facial care is one of the most important things to take care of in seasonal transitions. The skin that becomes dry and sensitive with the change of air may appear irritated, red, and flaky. By renewing your moisturizer with stronger formulas or getting support from rescue masks, you can calm and heal your skin that gives an emergency signal. In addition to all these, steam baths that will soothe and pamper your skin are among our favorites.

Dry Skin and Tissue Disorder

The drying effect of cold air also manifests itself in the body. Therefore, choose your body care products that you change with lotions in the summer from the cream formulas in the new season. In addition, although a hot shower feels good during this period, high heat can cause the skin to dry thoroughly. Therefore, it is beneficial to leave your bath routine at warmer temperatures.

Increasing Dandruff Problem

Your scalp is also affected by the changing climate. The scalp, which tends to be oily in the summer, can produce bacteria and fungi, and cold weather conditions can dry your scalp. With all these factors, the increased dandruff can cause you trouble. To get rid of periodic dandruff, choose shampoos with zinc pyrithione in their formula.

Cracking Lips

The skin of the lips, together with your eye area, is the most sensitive area on your face. No wonder lips affected by even small changes are affected by the dramatic difference in air temperature. For your chapped and sore lips, throw a balm that you will refresh during the day in your makeup bag. You can also apply fun lip masks in the evening for extra care.

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