Secrets of Looking Impressive All Summer

In this article, we shared secrets of looking impressive all summer with products from Avon Campaign 20 2021! Get ready to learn make-up techniques that are resistant to heat, sweat and moisture in the summer months!

Put the makeup items you missed on the table and follow these steps. We tell you how you can both look natural and hide skin imperfections in the summer thanks to heat and smudge-proof make-up suggestions. See these tips to get Looking Impressive All Summer!

Skin make-up suitable for summer months

We know you want to show your skin flawless all summer long. Generally, the use of foundation and concealer in the summer is avoided and the skin is worried about excessive oiliness. With the selection of foundation and concealer suitable for summer months, you can make your skin look smooth and take precautions against shine even on the hottest days. Let’s check out Avon Catalog 20 2021 and see the best selections!

For dark circles under the eyes, we recommend using AVON True Color Concealer. Thanks to its formula that does not clog pores, it allows the under-eyes to breathe, while at the same time hiding dark circles. The natural finish of AVON concealer is ideal for full summer make-up! It doesn’t dry out the under eye, makes it look brighter and doesn’t fill in fine lines. You can also use the multi-purpose concealer to hide the imperfections on your face and for the highlighting/contouring technique. View C20 Avon 2021 to reach more useful and quality selections!

Avon True Color Foundation is smudge, sweat, water and moisture resistant. And you can manage to look flawless even on the hottest days. We can’t think of any other foundation when meeting with friends we haven’t seen for a long time.

You haven’t seen your friends in a long time and it’s your right to want to look cool while catching up! One of the most important parts of summer makeup is eyelashes. We have a great mascara suggestion for you to take precautions against summer heat and humidity, and to reveal your eyelashes at the same time! Wash-Off Waterproof Mascara This mascara, which separates the lashes one by one and makes them look fuller, does not bleed or smear in the summer heat. Most importantly, it catches even the shortest eyelashes and creates an eye-catching look by creating a fan effect on all eyelashes.

Don’t worry about your short eyelashes. AVON mascara’s 10-layer brush will help your short eyelashes look long and full. We do not need any other make-up material other than mascara in eye make-up for summer. After applying two coats of mascara, your eyes will be the most attractive part of your makeup. If you want to see more cosmetics for eyes, you should check out the latest Avon Products on Avon Catalog Campaign 20 2021!

Thick and full eyelashes

We know how much you miss makeup, especially eyebrow makeup! During this period, it is very normal to get eyebrows, even to shape their eyebrows. By using an eyebrow pencil, you can show your eyebrows as perfect and shaped as before.

One of our favorite eyebrow pencils, Avon True Color Glimmersticks Brow Definer helps fill the gaps between your eyebrows and make your eyebrows look more naturally thick. With the help of the comb behind the eyebrow pencil, first comb your eyebrows down and define the gaps. Then fill in the gaps from the bottom to the tip with an eyebrow pencil. You can complete your eyebrow makeup by fixing your eyebrows upwards with the help of an eyebrow comb. Thanks to the AVON eyebrow pencil is permanent for up to 36 hours. You will not need to renew your make-up. View the latest Avon Brochure to see more useful and popular Avon eye products!

Smudge proof matte lipstick

One of the makeup materials we miss the most is our matte lipsticks! Those who want a matte lipstick that is resistant to smearing, masking and eating and drinking should try Avon Ink Tint Tattoo Matte lipsticks with different color options. We especially recommend 65 Seductress, one of our favorite nude lipsticks.

Matte lipsticks are generally not preferred because they dry the lips in summer. But after trying AVON Ink Tint Tattoo Matte we changed our mind completely. We loved these lipsticks, which are not dry and create a velvety feeling on the lips. Since it is permanent for up to 16 hours, we always reach for Avon matte lipstick in organizations that we miss, such as friend meetings.

So here are some secrets of Looking Impressive All Summer with Avon Brochure 20 2021! For more Avon Products, deals, and tips, visit the home page. Also, view the category page and see the latest Avon Catalog in the US!

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