Shop at Publix Weekly Ad Online in this Weekend

Tomorrow CVS phmarmacy and Target ads will probably be ready to view in the display page, however, I also recommend you to take a look at the Publix Weekly ad today to save in Sundays more.Shop at Publix Weekly Ad Online in this Weekend The prices of latest Publix ad are effective until 18 Aug 2015. In wednesday they will get a new ad to be present with the new featured prices. In this Publix Ad you can find:

BONELESS chicken breast meal PG 1
DELI PRODUCTS like seven layer salad, tostitos salsa sauce, pepsi products, croissants 13-count PG 1
NEW MEALS FOR YOUR DINNER and seafood products featuring a great selection by PUBLIX PG 4-5
FRESH GROCERIES featuring fruits like nectarines, salad blend, tomatoes, potatoes PG 6
BEAUTIFUL GRAPES RED OR GREEN and cantaloupe can all be found ON PG 7

Get the best selection of the deli and bakery products from Publix. They are ready in packaged and fresh versions. In this aisle you will be happier than ever in this month. Check out some of these products on pg 9:

Sourdough round bread $2.99
Original recipe hamburger buns 8-count $2.29
Bear claw pastry 2-count $2.99
Donuts 6-count $3.09
Pizza dough BOGO FREE
Gourmet pecan cinnamon buns 4-count $4.99

SNACKS, SIMPLE MEALS AND BEVERAGES include Old El Paso dinner kit, Gatorade thirst quencher, and more PG 10

Please also check out Kroger and Albertsons weekly ads. In sundays Meijer, CVS weekly ads are posted.