Skincare At Home

Today’s topic is about skincare at home and also we share Avon Campaign 9 2020. We know that the most effective measures against the coronavirus (COVID-19) that surround the world are not to leave the house, to keep our distance with people and to comply with the hygiene rules unless we have to. However, during these days we stay at home, we should take care of our personal care in order to keep our morale higher and to better prepare ourselves for the next beautiful days. Here are the dry oil and skincare tricks we have prepared for you…

Don’t let ourselves out because we’re at home because of the Coronavirus (COVID-19)! We have told you the tricks of dry oil, skin and hair care, both to keep your morale higher and to prepare yourself better for the next nice days.

How to care for the skin with dry oil?

Skincare after showering: Take care of yourself after the shower by massage. By massaging your body with very dry oil,
-You can revive the blood flow
-You can reduce the appearance of cracks in your body
-And You can saturate your body with moisture.

You can also make a much more comfortable transition to sleep by burning a candle and listening to music while leaving yourself to the unique texture and charming smell of dry oil.

Hand and face care with dry oil:

When you feel your skin is dry and deeply cleansed with plenty of soap, clean one or two chips in your hand or face cream and mix with dry oil. The oils in dry oil will intensify the moisturizing feature of your hand cream and will be good for cracks on your skin.

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