Skincare Tips in Spring

Today’s topic is about skincare tips in spring with Avon Campaign 7 2020! Revive your skin with your soul in spring. We have shared the care recipe for your skin that has worn out in the winter! It is time to freshen our skin with the spring, which the cold air dries, leaves moisture and dull during the long winter months. With cold winter days behind, it’s time to take care of your skin from head to toe! First, renew your cosmetic products, prefer less fat creams in the spring. Refresh your dry, matte and wear skin with peeling. Complete your spot treatment before the sunny summer days begin. Get rid of goose feet with botox and laughter lines with filling. Of course, do not forget to get rid of your hair!

The purpose of skin renewal is to repair the damaged skin. Depending on skin type and severity of skin damage, dermatologists and aesthetic surgeons try to treat skin damage. Damage to our skin; occurs mild, moderate and severe.

While light damage is eliminated with externally applied external products and dermatological applications; In advanced cases, surgical methods are effective. In order to renew the skin, dermo-cosmetic products, peeling method, which is the skin peeling process, botulinum toxin application, filling process, and laser method are used. Therefore, you should browse Avon Campaign March 2020!

Take advantage of the power of creams

Dermocosmetic products; These are product groups that can delay skin aging by applying externally. Their difference from cosmetic products is that they achieve the desired result with a biological effect. They reach the deeper layers of the skin. Vitamin A, vitamin C, fruit acid, coenzyme Q and topical antioxidants are the most abundant substances in dermo-cosmetic products. They must be used for a long time. You should take a look at Avon Catalog 7 2020 in detail for skincare products!

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