Sohl Furniture ALDI Ad In-Store Preview Aug 18 – 24, 2019

Sohl Furniture ALDI Ad In Store Preview Aug 18 24 2019One of the ALDI finds, Sohl Furniture, has been known for a unique understanding of furniture trade among ALDI customers. Next week’s ALDI Ad In-Store sale covers a range of Huntington Home products and Sohl Furniture range with ALDI Ad prices. Currently, browsable ad covers pet supplies on the first page. They have fair prices for products like Heart to Tail pet food container. Simple products made of durable material at affordable prices. Pay $9.99 for clean paws mat. More of that category is also on the first page.

Go to pg 2 for ALDI Sohl Furniture sale for Aug 18 – 24. Replace your current bathroom stuff or buy new things of Easy Home and Sohl Furniture in this ad. For example, a useful organizer for your small bath accessories can help you create a modern look in your bathroom. Also, they are pretty useful products.

ALDI Summer Snacks

Find snacks and food products by ALDI on pg 3 of this ad. Enjoy the nice weather while it’s still there. I like to keep some snacks around for occasions when my friends visit. You can buy products like Mega Meat pizza for nice prices.

The final page of the ALDI Ad Aug 18 – 24 covers more snacks, Easy Home folding table, and ALDIsavers of fresh meat. Buy Thomas Farms butterflied lamb leg for $5.99 next week. You can subscribe to our Facebook or Instagram accounts to get more weekly ads or deals.

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