Special Care for Dry and Damaged Hair

In this article, you will see Special Care for Dry and Damaged Hair and we share Avon Campaign 9 2020! Making hair look healthy is of great importance for every woman. However, it can dry on hair-like skin, especially in winter. People with dry hair type generally experience this as a problem. Because of their neglect or improper care practices, their hair loses its old moisture and becomes weak and they are exposed to cracks and breaks. Unfortunately, while there are many methods that can be applied for dry skin, you do not have many options for dry hair types. However, it is not very difficult to regain your old hair if you do not consciously disrupt your care.

Haircare in your HOME!

As you know, your hair and scalp have the nutrients and moisture that they need. If it lacks nutrients and moisture, it is quite normal for you to experience problems that may reach your hair by starting on the scalp. Hair that does not get enough moisture will wear out over time. This wear reaches the scalp and then to the scalp. It causes intense dandruff over 70% compared to both dry and damaged hair and normal hair types. In order to remove dryness of your hair and return to harmonious days, you need to pay attention to a number of care rituals that you routinely apply. For example, it is an extremely harmful action, even if it does not seem to add moisture to the hair at first glance if you do not dry it by leaving it dry.

Then, over-tightening your hair and scratching it too much will be a precursor to the arrival of dry hair starting from the bottom of the hair. If you think according to the weekly period, you should wash your hair at least 4, 6 times. If you are below or above this rate, it is not difficult to meet dry hair again. Also if you believe that your hair is dry than before, there are a number of cosmetic products available to keep the necessary oil balance. But if you are not a fan of using cosmetics, we will give you a natural cure recipe that you can prepare at home.

Natural Solutions

Mix 2 spoons of cornflour, half a cup of grapeseed oil, and 1 spoonful of apple cider vinegar to mix in a bowl. Apply this mixture on your hair after washing it with water. While rinsing with your hands, let your hair absorb well with the massage movement you apply. Wait 30 minutes for your hair to integrate with this mixture by wearing a bone. After that, wash your hair and finish your care. By applying this once a week, you will feel the change your hair experienced in 3-4 sets.

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