Stater Bros Ad Beef Lion Flap Meat $4.99 lb.

Stater Bros Ad Beef Lion Flap Meat $4.99 lb.Two great meat deals are available on the first page. Beef loin flap meat and beef loin t-bone or porterhouse deals may be interesting for you if you are planning to have some snacks and delicious food during the games. All who follow the weekly ads probably know about the deals on game day snacks. Most stores have special deals and Stater Bros Ad is not different. Browse the Stater Bros weekly ad for these deals today:

  • Fresh chicken party wings $3.99 pg 1
  • Litehouse dressing $2.99
  • Cleo & Leo golden fried or baked chicken $4.99
  • Beef Loin NY steak $4.99 lb.
  • Fresh beef lion tri trip roast $3.99 lb


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