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Stater Bros Markets are operating in 172 locations in Southern California. It has 80 years past in retailing grocery and other food products. They also have pharmacy products with the deals on Stater Bros Ad. Find the weekly savings on this page with browsing the ad. A classic concept of weekly ad promotions is the main thing to see here.

You can read the Stater Bros Weekly Ad for lower prices of meat, deals like mix and match sales, BOGO deals, and coupons. Every week something is on sale and you can save from weekly supplies shopping. Meat is a special category of the retailer. Their slogan was “It’s our meal that made us famous” in the 90s.

Find deli, bakery, seafood, meat, snacks, general grocery products in the ads. Stater Bros has stores mainly in Los Angeles and Orange counties.

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Stater Bros Weekly Ad May 18 - 24, 2022

The top deals of supermarket and fresh products are featured in Stater Bros Weekly Ad May 18 - 24, 2022. Browse deals on products like beef loin t-bone, porterhouse steak, salmon fillets, chicken breasts, and more items on the front page. There is a large snack sale, too. If you like to stock up on snacks and buy more of them while they are on sale Stater Bros Ad can be your source for the deals. Buy Cheetos or Fritos 6.5 - 10 oz. pack for only $2.99 this week. Explore the top digital deals in this ad, too. Those digital deals include products like Breyers ice cream, Dannon Danimals smoothies, Daisy sour cream, and more products.

General Mills Family Size Cereal $3.99 Dannon Danimals Smoothies $3.99 Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream or Talenti Gelato, Sorbetto or Layers $3.49 Pepperidge Farm Cookies Buy 2 Get 1 Free Softsoap Hand Soap Refill $3.99

The latest meat deals by Stater Bros Weekly Ad May 18 - 24, 2022 is also one of the best parts of the ad. See items like these deals on the ad this week:

Beef Chuck or Flanken Ribs $6.99 lb. Stater Bros. Ground Beef $5.99 lb. Mission Burrito Tortillas $2.99

Many more deals are available on Stater Bros Weekly Ad May ... Read More...


Stater Bros Weekly Ad May 11 - 17, 2022

Shop high quality meat products at Stater Bros this week. It is an important sale because it is grilling time. Enjoy the hotter evenings, steak deals at Stater Bros, and walkable nights in your neighborhood. One of the highlights of the Stater Bros Weekly Ad May 11 - 17, 2022 is the digital deals. Buy hot dog ingredients and soda with digital deals. You can buy Club Size Value snacks in this ad. Save on products like La Croix sparkling water, Bagel Bites, log cabin syrup on the second page. New York Steak will cost $6.99 lb for limited supplies. In general, the ad is focused on fresh food.

...

Stater Bros Ad May 4 - 10, 2022

Shop Cinco De Mayo at Stater Bros. Celebrate the first week of May with days like May the 4th, Cinco De Mayo and Mother's Day. It is an awesome week and only fine foods can enhance the experience. Buy beef loin flap meat for only $6.99 per lb. Save on steak, organic foods, club size value snacks, digital deals are all featured items on this ad. There are also Mother's Day coupons on gift cards. Buy 2 cards get 1 free. Many more deals are available on Stater Bros Ad May 4 - 10, 2022.

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Stater Bros Ad Sale Apr 1 - 7, 2020

Stater Bros Ad Sale Apr 1 - 7, 2020Stater Bros helps the community through food banks. Recently, the ad reports that people helped raise $250,000. Being a customer at Stater Bros supermarket is not only helping yourself, but it's also a nice thing for the community. Check out the new deals by Stater Bros Ad, too. They have new prices of ribs, beef, ham, and general grocery products this week. New snacks and drink sales are also available on the Stater Bros weekly ad. Browse the entire product range of the new ad.

Stater Bros Ad Fresh Seafood Mar 4 - 10, 2020

Stater Bros Ad Fresh Seafood Mar 4 10 2020Fresh seafood and seafood for Lent are popular categories in March. They started to lunch these sales at the end of February. Now, they are everywhere and Stater Bros Ad Fresh seafood Mar 4 - 10 sale is just one of them. If you are fasting or just like to have some seafood for dinner, check out possibly interesting items on pg 3 of Stater Bros Weekly Ad.

Stater Bros Ad Beef Lion Flap Meat $4.99 lb.

Stater Bros Ad Beef Lion Flap Meat $4.99 lb.Two great meat deals are available on the first page. Beef loin flap meat and beef loin t-bone or porterhouse deals may be interesting for you if you are planning to have some snacks and delicious food during the games. All who follow the weekly ads probably know about the deals on game day snacks. Most stores have special deals and Stater Bros Ad is not different. Browse the Stater Bros weekly ad for these deals today:

  • Fresh chicken party wings $3.99 pg 1
  • Litehouse dressing $2.99
  • Cleo & Leo golden fried or baked chicken $4.99
  • Beef Loin NY steak $4.99 lb.
  • Fresh beef lion tri trip roast $3.99 lb