Stop and Shop Weekly Ad

Stop and Shop Weekly Ad is updated on this page. This store is related to Giant Food and Food Lion. All three are offering premium services and only the top quality grocery products for customers. All three brands are trying to make it easier to shop online. Stop and Shop Flyer is already being used by thousands of people on a monthly basis. Subscribe to the newsletter to get this flyer. Stop & Shop Go Rewards can help you save even more.

New Stop & Shop Deals:

Just like Food Lion and Giant, this is a supermarket where you can find premium service of the retail of general grocery items. Stop and Shop Ad sales can help you with multiple-buy deals and coupons, tool. Maximize your savings by receiving these ads in your email inbox. Grocery, bakery, seafood, dairy, pharmacy are just a few of the categories of products to buy at Stop & Shop stores.

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Stop & Shop Weekly Ad Apr 16 - 22, 2021

Shop some products with the 3-day sale of Stop & Shop Weekly Ad Apr 16 - 22, 2021. Haagen-Dazs ice cream, Strawberries, and Kettle chips are among the new 3-day sale participating items on the first page. Saving is not enough. Get them for free! The second item is free when you shop those sweet BOGO deals. Find Old Neighborhood shaved steak or meatloaf mix BOGO free on the new ad. Collect Go Points on all the things you buy. Cookies, Virginia Ham, Mayonnaise are all participating items to those go point rewards.

Go Points, Snacks, breakfast foods, 3-Day Sale, and some BOGOs pg 1 10 for $10 sale - General pantry items, beverage - each item costs $1 Deli, seafood, 3x go points, bakery, grocery, frozen, and dairy pg 5-6

Unilever celebrates Earth Day. Buy Unilever products to support them. They have planted nearly 70k plants since 2017. Also, you can save $5 when you spend $15. Go to pg 6-8 for some environment-friendly content and new deals.

Stonyfield Organic Multipack or Large Cup Yogurt 2/$7 Stonyfield Organic Probiotic Multipack Smoothies $4.99

Shop general grocery items, BOGO free deals, digital coupons, health & beauty items, Go Points on pg ... Read More...


Stop & Shop Weekly Ad Apr 9 - 15, 2021

Shop prime quality of meat, chicken, and ground beef at Stop & Shop stores this week at lower prices. Shop everyday low prices of white bread and pasta. Earn go points with the ad. More go points mean more shopping in the future for cheaper costs. Pizza, provolone, bread, or buns are all on sale and they will give you some Go Points this week. Shop breakfast products on Stop & Shop Weekly ad Apr 9 - 15, 2021 featuring new deals on products like Cheerios, Chobani, LaYogurt, Oatmilk, Fluffy waffles, and more products for breakfast. If you have a big family, then you might want to check out the 10 for $10 sale, too. Navel oranges, mangoes, green peppers, basic vegetables, and more items are participating in the Stop & Shop 10 for $10 sale.

Sweet Raspberries or Blackberries BOGO Free Mini Cucumbers, Cauliflower or Mini Potatoes BOGO free Entenmann's Full Line BOGO free Coca-Cola 8 Pack or 12 Pack 2 free wyb 2

Stop & Shop Go Points from the first page:

Red Baron or Stop & Shop Crispy Thin or Self Rising Crust Pizza 3/$10 - 50 Go points Stop & Shop Genoa or Hard Salami or Stop & Shop Provolone Cheese $4.99 /lb. - 75 Go Points Pepperidg... Read More...

Stop & Shop Weekly Ad Apr 2 - 8, 2021

Browse Shop & Shop Weekly Ad Apr 2 - 8, 2021  for the latest deals like cook's spiral sliced ham, packaged cocktail shrimp, snack savings, Go Points, and many more deals of the week The store offers great deals on ingredients that you might possibly use for your recipes. Earn go rewards with the purchases of Starbucks Coffee, Lay's Potato Chips, Salmon Fillet on the first page of the ad. Check out the 3-day sale where you can buy Easter plush toys. 20% off plush animals like bunnies. I think one of the top deals in the ad is the Easter brunch sale. It's a really popular activity to prepare a brunch table for Easter Sunday. Lower the costs with these deals on pg 4.

Cook's Spiral Sliced half ham $1.29 lb.  Thomas' English Muffins BOGO Free  Semi-boneless large end beef rib roast $4.99 lb. pg 2  Easter Plush 20% off pg 3  Spinach Quiche or Quiche Lorraine $6.99 ea pg 4  Bakery Bagels $2.99 ea 

You can find hot cross buns, turnovers, brioche, banana bread, and more sweet things at the bakery of Stop & Shop stores. Awesome deals in grocery, frozen sale and dairy are also being promoted on the new ad. Save $1 off Sour cream of FAGE this week. Also, see ... Read More...

Stop & Shop Go Rewards

Rewarded purchases in a supermarket is a great way to save. The majority of supermarkets have some sort of reward program. Stop & Shop Go Rewards is one of them and it has its perks. The good thing about these rewards programs is that you receive personalized deals. According to your usual shopping habits, the frequency of your shopping and consumption, they arrange great deals. When you shop those deals, you will accelerate your process of earning bonus points. After you collect those bonus points, you will be able to redeem them and use them like extra money in your pocket. Moreover, Stop & Shop Go Rewards can offer surprise deals, too. Join today.

Stop & Shop Go Rewards

How to Sign Up for Stop & Shop Go Rewards?

You only need to do these:

  1. Create an account on
  2. Use your Stop & Shop card to shop online or in-store
  3. Redeem points, save on fuel, and supermarket products

In order to sign up, you need the Stop & Shop card number. But if you don't have a card, that's alright. Just go to and register for an account. After you are done completing the registration and participating, you can check your rewards via the mobile app or website. Each dollar spent at Stop & Shop will give you a point of Stop & Shop Go Rewards. Points have an expiration time, too. You will have 30 days to use them.

Go Rewards Gas Savings

Another great thing to know is that you can redeem those points at Stop & Shop gas stations, too. Ever 100 points = $.10 saving / gallon. The max you can save per gallon is $1.50 for up to 20 gallons.

Further questions can be asked at contact Customer Support. Enjoy shopping at the supermarket and saving with these rewards. Also, check out Stop & Shop Weekly Ad for regular deals on premium quality grocery products.