Summer Care Guide for Damaged Hair

In this article, we share the summer care guide for damaged hair with Avon Campaign 16 2021! In summer, you should pay the same attention to your hair as you do to your skin. Discover 8 hair care tips that you can apply in the summer to protect and pamper hair that is more exposed to external factors and more damaged.

Sun Protection

Your hair needs sun protection just as much as your skin. Therefore, before taking a sunbath, do not leave a product that wraps your hair and shields it from UV rays.

Configurative Care

Do not forget to treat the hair, which is tired from the sun, the sea and other environmental factors, with an intense mask once a week. For this, paper masks are both effective and very practical. If you need a good hair mask, you should browse C16 AVON 2021. It is possible to see many good of them!

Against Water

Hair wetted by sea or pool water is more damaged and if your hair is dyed, its color may be damaged. For this, before you go into the water, feed your hair with a conditioner or oil to both care and prevent water from penetrating the hair.

Hair Detox

Although you take precautions for protection, your hair will suffer a little from external factors and get tired. For this, you can add detox effective products to your hair care routine throughout the summer.


You probably wash your hair more in the summer, and this causes your strands to dry out easily. Let’s underline that dry hair immediately swells by absorbing moisture from the air. To prevent this situation, you can choose your summer shampoo and cream duo from moisturizing products. You can see many good hair conditioner on Avon Catalog 16 2021. See them and get the best for your hair!

Hair Peeling

Scalp care is also important for healthier hair strands and faster growing hair. Exfoliate 1-2 times a week to purify the scalp, which accumulates sweat, dirt and dead skin, especially in the summer heat. If you are looking for a good hair care product, you should give a chance to Avon C16 2021!

Wave Drying

Keep your hair, which is tired enough from the sun, heat and water, away from hot hair stylers and dryers for some days to rest in summer. After taking a shower in the evening, your hair, which you will make a bun with a silk scruchie, will greet you in the morning both unharmed and with natural beach waves.

Night Care

You can also apply shock care for hair that is more inclined to lose its energy in the summer and is more tired. Night masks that deeply care for the hair strands with their powerful formulas are a great option for this. Wake up to a radiant look with a formula that recharges and moisturizes your hair while you sleep, and restructures and strengthens its protection shield. I

Here is the summer care guide for damaged hair with Avon Brochure 16 2021! For more beauty tips and Avon Products, visit the home page. Also, you can go to the category page and see the latest Avon Catalog in the US!