Summer Makeup Essentials

Guarantee your beauty for hours with summer makeup essentials by the pool, at the beach, or on a busy workday! Whatever you do in the summer, keeping your makeup stable can sometimes be impossible. Of course, if you include the heat and water-resistant make-up products that we recommend in your summer make-up palette, we guarantee that you will easily look in the mirror from morning to night and be satisfied with the result every time.

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If you are confident in your foundation, the secret hero of your make-up, you have overcome the biggest part of the job! Avon True POWER STAY 24 Hour Longwear Foundation will not only prevent weight and shine on your skin, but also fix the smooth appearance until the end of the day with its water-resistant formula that lasts up to 24 hours. The skin make-up that you can complete with Avon True Color Skin Goodness Loose Powder SPF 20 will keep you going until the end of a busy day.


Start by finding a truly waterproof mascara. In this regard, your preference should be for brands with proven quality. Avon Wash-Off Waterproof Mascara both separates your eyelashes from each other and extends them elegantly and lasts more than 12 hours. Of course, if you use a pencil or eyeliner to highlight your eyes, you should choose waterproof makeup products. Avon True Diverse Lines Liquid Eyeliner will make your eye make-up look dazzling all day, with easy application and long-lasting! See Avon C20 2020 in detail for these products!


Do not neglect the last and most striking touch of your make-up and keep a waterproof lipstick in your bag. Whether you prefer a natural color or a striking red, Avon True Power Stay Liquid Lip Color color palette has it all. The semi-matte water-resistant lipstick contains special oils that prevent your lips from drying and does not feel sticky like ordinary liquid lipsticks. Thus, this liquid lipstick can preserve the velvety texture it creates on your lips for a long time.

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