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Target Ad Jan 25 2016

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To me two of the movies were the greatest in 2015 and one of them was nominated to Academy Award of the Best film in the year. The Revenant and The Hateful Eight with extremely brutal plots and stories were actually kind of movies that are not very liked by the Academy. Brutal movies and epic themes especially when they are classic western or modern western movies can't be said to be the favorites of Academy members. However, I think Tarantino made a tremendous work there and you can have it in a textbook of cinema schools. I think The Hateful Eight combines classic western techniques with modern acting. Tarantino's story is harmonic to this technique of filming and it survives even though actors and actresses did not told to act naturally. In my opinion this acting is influenced by theatrical style and there was an intented struggle to do it this way. Eventually it seemed very cool because Tarantino's characters were created perfectly. I know that he writes subtexts of characters with detailed stories even childhoold of some characters mean something to the actors. Samuel Jackson did a brilliant job as he did in all Tarantino movies and I saw much more than I expected from Kurt Russell. And of course performance by Jennifer Jason Leigh deserves an award from Academy. It could always be better. I believe that it is impossible to make a perfect movie. Everytime a director probably thinks the movie they did could be better after some changes. This is kind of fate of film making I would suggest.

The Revenant needs no compliments. To me it is 10/10 movie without overrating. Absolutely the best of the 2015, actors and crew had challenging experience while making this brilliant masterpiece. If you ask my opinion I would say Innaritu's best movie is The Revenant so far. One of the shocking story about making of the Revenant is the decision Leonardo Di Caprio made about eating an actual raw liver of a bison just to make it seem more realistic. Not to mention weather conditions, no greenbox and using natural light. The only time they used bulbs is when they realise they needed to create a cushion of light said the cinematographer of the movie, Emmanuel Lubezki.

After thinking about these projects and how they are made with challenging conditions I could not be able to understand why The Hateful Eight (it is already an extraordinary and entertaining movie) didn't get nominated when there was no movie better than this title. I can only say brutality may be one of the reasons. However I cannot be the one who knows better than professionals.

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