Target Ad Valentine’s Gifts Feb 2017

Target Ad Valentine’s Day gifts are featured on pg 4-5 and pg 6. Target Ad Valentine's Gifts Feb 2017But these are just classic material which we are used to see in every Valentine’s Day. You must think wider. Consider every item from this ad a giftable. Electronics, entertainment products are perfect giftables too. This ad contains various categories, but to see the lovers gifts please check out these pages.

Classroom exchange candy kits $3.49
Classroom exchange cards with premium favor $4
Best Made Toys Valentine’s Day Bear, 3ft $15
Hand Made Modern products 20% off
Spritz™ gift bags, tissue and wrap $1.25-$4

Also see flowers, sparkling juice and chocolate boxes on pg 7.

Oreo cookies $2.50
Godiva or Dove boxed chocolate $14.99
1-dozen premium Valentine’s Day roses $16.99
Ghirardelli or Russell Stover chocolate hearts $9.99

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